How to Grow Cannabis at Home: A Guide to Indoor Medical Marijuana Growing

How to Grow Cannabis at Home: A Guide to Indoor Medical Marijuana Growing Summary

This book provides a step-by-step guide to successfully cultivating cannabis and an informative read about all aspects of this healthful plant. It is not a gardening tips book, but a guide to help you through each stage of a project that is not rocket science, but has it's pitfalls. Additionally, this ebook serves as a reference/guide to the overwhelming jargon you will run into if research the topic online, for example: What are HPS, CFL, and LED lighting? What is the significance of light cycles? Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium!? Which of the hundreds of seed types should I choose? Cannabis Sativa? Cannabis Indica? Cannabis Ruderalis!? Should I choose a "feminized" strain? An "autoflowering" strain? What is the best “medicinal” strain? Ahhh! Help!!

This book is aimed at the inquisitive-minded grower. Understanding the various facets of the process becomes both an engaging learning experience and a method to improve your growing results. Written in 2012, the book reflects the current stand of seed strains, lighting technology, growing enclosures, fertilizers, etc. Throughout the text, there are informative side bars that clarify myth vs. fact about the home cultivation of marijuana. If you do any research online, you are likely to find conflicting information about growing cannabis; this book will help clarify these conundrums using factual information. Supplement your own research with this well composed and concise book written by a successful home cultivator.

Book Reviews

kobi glisson

Dope title name5 star

It was a great book for beginners and it wasn’t too hard to get through , it only took me roughly 3 weeks to get through and to completely understand, i think it dumbed it down as much as possible and explain all the proper steps you need to take to be able to grow .55


Worth the buy5 star

Good book my only wish is that it talked alittle more on clones :)55

Twokan 47

Simple ?5 star

Is it simple or complicated ?55


Excellent book5 star

Can't wait to try some of these ideas and suggestions55


Cultivate your freedom5 star

Growing pot 101, everyone should be growing this wonderful plant everywhere with ease, this book helps along the way. Freedom to grow is a right that we need to demand to do for ourselves.55

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