Food and Drink (American English audio)

Food and Drink (American English audio) Summary

Food and Drink is part of the Copy Cats: WORDS series for children learning English. The books in this series introduce individual words, grouped by theme. All titles feature native speaker audio on every page.

In this book, fabulous photographs and clear audio help children learn the names of food and drinks such as cheese, salad, rice, ice cream, milkand juice.

• 26 individual items of vocabulary
• enhanced with authentic audio
• dual mode – with or without written words
• compatible with leading Young Learner English syllabi
• supports a communicative approach to language learning

This book is perfect for:
• acquiring vocabulary
• practicing pronunciation
• learning spelling
• increasing fluency
• building confidence

Ideal for all children, whether they are learning English as a foreign language, a second language, an additional language or just for fun. They can learn at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want – and enjoy themselves at the same time! 

This book is also available with British English audio.

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