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THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER: “Beautifully told.”—CNN • “A remarkable story...worth retelling and celebrating.”—USA Today • “Oh, it’s a good one!”—Fox News
A “beautiful story of a brotherhood between enemies” emerges from the horrors of World War II in this New York Times bestseller by the author of Spearhead

December, 1943: A badly damaged American bomber struggles to fly over wartime Germany. At the controls is twenty-one-year-old Second Lieutenant Charlie Brown. Half his crew lay wounded or dead on this, their first mission. Suddenly, a Messerschmitt fighter pulls up on the bomber’s tail. The pilot is German ace Franz Stigler—and he can destroy the young American crew with the squeeze of a trigger...

What happened next would defy imagination and later be called “the most incredible encounter between enemies in World War II.”

The U.S. 8th Air Force would later classify what happened between them as “top secret.” It was an act that Franz could never mention for fear of facing a firing squad. It was the encounter that would haunt both Charlie and Franz for forty years until, as old men, they would search the world for each other, a last mission that could change their lives forever.

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trainnerd 2

A higher call5 star

Couldn’t put it down, changed my opinion on a lot of things about World War II55


A higher call5 star

Riveting. Author brings you right into the cockpit and into the minds of these amazing pilots. Shows us (again)what a waste war is. But also shows the human side of war. Fantastic book.55


Loved it!!5 star

An amazing book! Great perspective!55


A Higher Call4 star

This book details an amazing experience in WWII by two fighter pilots on opposing sides who later met to become fast friends. Well written and fast paced.45


A higher call5 star

Amazing!! A must read for anyone , but especially for pilots and those interested in WW2. On my “favorite books ever” list!55


A Higher Call5 star

I loved this book!!!55


Just.....WOW!!5 star

I literally could NOT put this story down! Incredible account of WWII aviation. You don’t need to be a fan of the subject matter to appreciate this book. The story will impress and appeal to anyone. Tho, fair warning, this book ignited a serious passion to dive headfirst into more WWII aviation books. I’m beyond impressed how the author painstakingly pieced together all the elements surrounding these pilots.55


This gave me chills5 star

I stumbled upon this book and despite the old adage about not judging a book by its cover, I purchased the e-version through the Apple store because the picture on the front cover intrigued me. What a great story and a great week spent finding or making time to get back to the book to read a few more pages or a few more chapters. This was an uplifting story about a horrific time in our world history. I highly recommend A Higher Power to WWII buffs or those who want to learn more.55


A Higher Call5 star

Great story...well written. A must read for future generations.55


Great Read5 star

Well written and captivating from the first sentence to the last.55

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