A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun Summary

"Never before, in the entire history of the American theater, has so much of the truth of Black people's lives been seen on the stage," observed James Baldwin shortly before A Raisin in the Sun opened on Broadway in 1959.

This edition presents the fully restored, uncut version of Hansberry's landmark work with an introduction by Robert Nemiroff.

Lorraine Hansberry's award-winning drama about the hopes and aspirations of a struggling, working-class family living on the South Side of Chicago connected profoundly with the psyche of Black America—and changed American theater forever. The play's title comes from a line in Langston Hughes's poem "Harlem," which warns that a dream deferred might "dry up/like a raisin in the sun."

"The events of every passing year add resonance to A Raisin in the Sun," said The New York Times. "It is as if history is conspiring to make the play a classic."

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Noice5 star

Pretty pretty pretty pretty good55


Love it5 star

Great read55


What’s not to love?5 star

God I hated having to read this for school, but it’s a play for God’s sake! I watched an old film adaptation of the play and it was a masterpiece55


A Raisin In The Sun5 star

AMAZING book!55


It's a great, short read.5 star

Really shows what life was like during the times in the south side of Chicago during WWll. Good read though!55

Wonder maybe

Great book5 star

I'm a person who does like to read that much but this has become my favorite book55


Good5 star

It was very good, meaningful and deep. I like it55

You with the hair

A Raisin in the Sun4 star

It just goes to show, optimism & realism are exact opposites. :345


Very well written.4 star

This book was required for my school's summer reading program. It was a good way for me to see how people were back then struggling just trying coming out of poverty.45


My opinion5 star

I loved it.55

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