Active Measures

Active Measures Summary

Cuba and the United States are in talks to normalize relations, something the old guard on the Communist-controlled island has vowed to stop—by any means necessary. Zayda de la Guardia, a rogue general in the Cuban security services, has gotten his hands on a nuclear weapon left over from the Cold War. He plans to launch it on Miami, an attack that could kill millions. There’s just one thing standing in his way: special agent Jericho Quinn and his team have traveled undercover to Cuba to unravel de la Guardia’s plot before it ignites a nuclear holocaust. Thrown into a secret prison, pursued by assassins, and trapped on the tiny island during one of the worst hurricanes of the century, Quinn and his crew must survive a trial by fire to prevent an international confrontation that would make the Cuban Missile Crisis look like a fist fight.
Praise for Marc Cameron’s Open Carry
“Cameron, who has nearly three decades in law enforcement and a stint as a U.S. Marshal, keeps all the plot points delicately balanced and at the same time creates sympathetic heroes, depraved villains, and nail-biting action. Readers will eagerly await his next.”
Publishers Weekly,STARRED REVIEW
“Cameron effectively combines investigation and straight-ahead action . . . a compelling, never-give-an-inch hero who will appeal to Jack Reacher fans.”

Book Reviews


Good, but repetitive4 star

I have read the books in order finishing with this book 8. It’s an entertaining series but I just can’t read Thibodaux refer to all as “Cher” anymore. It’s like starting a sentence with “Dude..” so for this reason I’m out.45


Frightening5 star

Quinn and company find themselves in deep trouble in Cuba55

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