Alien Surgeon’s Seduction

Alien Surgeon’s Seduction Summary

She was his the moment she stepped aboard. He'll fight everyone, even the emperor himself, to keep her...

Like most Lathar, First Healer Isan K'Vass didn't expect to ever find his mate. The genetic plague that had ravaged their race meant they had no females, and his tainted bloodline meant he would be last in line for one of the rare human females. Or it should.

Until a human combat team boards the Veral'vias and he see's HER. Flame haired. Curvy. Dangerous. And all his, if the secrets in his blood don't tear them apart first...

Aliens should not be hot. At all. Not ever.

Shannon Taylor had one thing on her mind when she boarded the alien vessel. Her mission. But no plan survives first contact with the enemy and her rescue mission goes sideways quicker than a cat on a hot tin roof. Finding herself the prisoner of the Lathar, and one, hot as hades healer in particular, she needs to keep her wits about her if she's ever going to get herself the hell of this alien ship.

However, the Lathar aren't as bad as she'd been told and it's all she can do to remember that Isan, her sexy healer, is the enemy. Only he's not, he kisses like a dream, and they end up on the same side on a mission into dangerous territory to root out an enemy to both their people.

But treachery lurks in the shadows and when Shannon is betrayed, will her warrior reach her in time. Or is their happily-ever-after over before it could begin?

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Love this series5 star

I am in love with this series. Cannot wait to see how it will all play out. I would love to see who ends up with the emperor.55


Love story4 star

I actually liked this book. Read a few reviews that left me reluctant to read this story, but I pressed on, and glad I did. Shannon and Isan was actually a great couple. Both stubborn and strong. A match. Isan knew immediately that Shannon was his. He was definitely possessive, as they all are, but he did not push the physical stuff until much, much later in the story. There was some angst, misunderstandings, miscommunications and lies. Secrets on both sides. Although most unintentional, Isan did something wrong, for in his mind was for the right reason. As it turns out, the Emperor did something wrong for what he thought was the right reason. The Emperor lost a lot for his actions. I’m saddened by the burden of his mantle. I think he is also at times. I hope he finds some one eventually. I like him and would not wish for him to be alone forever. But, I want someone strong, kind, but not a pushover. As for Isan, fortunately, Shannon is more forgiving and love won out in the end. I really enjoyed this story. Good job Mina.45


Loved It3 star

As usual I loved it. I am waiting for the next in the series. I cannot wait.35


So intense!5 star

The Warriors of Lathar series has been a favorite of mine, but this one is now my favorite! Isan is just incredible, and Shannon fully keeps him on his toes. Best of all, she proves to be exactly what the Doctor ordered. What a fiery romance! They’re both pretty hot-headed. A perfect match, and ever so entertaining!55

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