Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 Summary

The visionary Apple Watch is, at last, poised to take on the world in the Apple Watch Series 5! Whether you are new to Apple products, an expert, or somewhere in the middle, this book is designed to make it easy to find what interests you. I want you to feel comfortable with all aspects of your watch in an environment that encourages you to learn painlessly at your own pace. My goal is to help you enjoy the wonder of discovering your Apple Watch. Along the way, I want to: 
• Teach you how to use all the features of your Apple Watch. I say “all.” As far as I know, I found every darned one of them, but don’t sue me if I missed one. Note: Details about the Compass app were not available at the time of publication.
• Demonstrate the cool and awe-inspiring features of the Apple Watch. These aren’t random tips and tricks. Rather, I have showcased them in a way that lets you find them while exploring a particular feature or topic. 
• Help you find what you want, when you want it. The organized and detailed Table of Contents includes more than 200 topics. Skip around to your heart’s content.
• Inspire you with over 100 third-party apps. A few of the categories include entertainment, productivity, sports, photography, and games. We’ll also cover integration platforms like IFTTT, which opens up the possibility of unlimited applications.
• Focus on the engineering and Apple platforms behind the Apple Watch. The physical device includes the heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and Apple’s Force Touch technology. Behind the scenes, learn how Apple is partnering with businesses to extend their HealthKit, HomeKit, and GymKit platforms to enhance your experience for years to come.
• List 30 Common Troubleshooting and Maintenance Suggestions.
While you can use your Apple Watch with watchOS 6 and later without your iPhone nearby, the Apple iPhone is an integral part of your day-to-day experience. In case you are new to Apple’s smartphone and iOS mobile operating system, I’ve included several topics covering the iPhone setup, screens, and gestures. Those topic headings have an asterisk and special formatting, so you can quickly skip them if you aren’t interested. 
As a final selling point, I make an intentional effort to avoid a few of my pet peeves – and those pertain to incomplete instructions. I frequently see directions such as “tap to go to settings,” but they leave novice users asking, “tap where?” In another example I read, the instructions mentioned a workout playlist and how to enable it – but assumed nothing went awry (and something ALWAYS goes awry). I intend to cover those bases for you. And if I do, by chance, make the mistake of omitting a critical detail anywhere in this book, know that I was probably distracted by my Apple Watch telling me to get moving or to breathe. I apologize ahead of time; it wasn’t intentional. 
Are you ready for the Apple Watch experience? Let’s get started. 

Book Reviews


Would recommend purchase5 star

I purchased a less expensive Apple 5 Watch guide and became very frustrated with the layout, the information, etc. Then I went back to the Apple bookstore and saw this one. I looked at the contents page and saw that it had far more information. I found it easy to read, to understand, and good graphics. My Apple 5 Watch has a wealth of “bells and whistles” of things that can be set and used. It took me a while to set-up my watch, but with this guide I was successful (even as a watch owner beginner)!55


Informative (albeit quirky) book!5 star

The Apple Watch was a gift. As a mechanical watch guy, I had shown very litte interest in the Apple Watch. Once I found one on my arm, however, curiosity took over and I became fascinated. But what to do with it? My quandary lead me to several YouTube videos but I quickly tired of hipster ramblings about tips and tricks. Ugh. So off to the bookstore I went for a book and was delighted to find this newly released one. The wealth of thoughtfully organized information and graphics made me a fan. Notably, this is not a book that required me to read it from cover to cover (and I haven't). It is a reference book, nicely indexed, that I can go to when I have a question and find the answer I need. I always find myself thumbing through and finding other tidbits that I otherwise might never have found. Bottom line: the few bucks I spent on this book have made the $600-plus gift a useful tool rather than a cool toy. Five stars!55

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