Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf Summary

A timeless classic with nearly one million copies in print, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons outlines the building blocks of winning golf from one of the all-time masters of the sport—fully illustrated with drawings and diagrams to improve your game instantly.

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One of the Best4 star

I’ve read this several times, especially valuable if you begin to loose your swing. Go back to the fundamentals!45


Great For all levels5 star

Straight and to the point. Great lessons that when I applied helped me play better and have a greater understanding of the game55


Golf’s Bill of Rights5 star

Awesome explanation of the fundamentals, timeless and you’ll want to use as a resource for years.55

They Waisted my time

Greatest Lesson Ever5 star

after years of practice i am finally a 2 handicap.thanks to this book and Ben Hogans Wisdom.this book is basically the first “for dummys book” ever written and one of the most instrumental books for the modern golf swing. this book made it possible for people to learn and teach the golf swing like it was there own teachings. like the millions of people who act like jack nicklaus didnt teach us to aim at something closer to tee box. your golf teacher read this book you should to.55


So my arms and hands aren’t supposed to be flying all over the place.5 star

Hogan breaks the swing down to where I can’t help but let it sink in and recognize all the bad habits that have developed. His instruction in print from long ago is easier to appreciate than the endless supply of golf self help videos on the internet. You can tell that the instruction encountered today in all forms of media has some roots in the swing instruction provided in this book.55

Trav Talk

A classic. I re-read every season.5 star

Not only useful as a swing guide but also entertaining to read. Hogan is an artist.55


Simply a classic5 star

Mr Hogan’s words and illustrations provide the reader with both the guidance on each part of the golf swing but also the rationale for why each move is important and the “feel” of key movements; simply a classic.55


Truly, secrets from the master!5 star

Concise, to the point, important parts of the golf swing well articulated and illustrated...wish I would have discovered this twenty years ago! If you're a student of golf, this book is a must read!55


Golf improvement for beginners5 star

This is an excellent book if you are starting to in the game of golf. I read this book when I was starting playing 1 year ago and during that spam my ball contact and swing have improved tremendously.55

Taylor B

Hogan makes it simple!5 star

I have been playing golf for 40 years, taken many lessons, and have practiced hours on the range. This book breaks down the fundamental like no other. If you start with a proper grip, the correct posture, the proper backswing, begin the downswing with you hips, and trust this chain reaction… you will improve.55

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