Boyfriend For Hire

Boyfriend For Hire Summary

I’m the guy you call when you need to impress your overbearing family, your boss, or your ex. Yeah, I’m a male escort, but not just any escort, I’m the escort. The one with a mile-long waiting list and a pristine reputation that’s very well-deserved.

I’m the guy who’ll make you feel beautiful, desired, and worshipped . . . all for a steep price. I’m hired to make you shine, and I always deliver.

I’ll be whatever you want me to be for one night—except my true self. This is just a job, a role I play to earn a paycheck.

But I’m not the guy who falls for a client. Not once in six years.

And then I meet Elle. Her friend has hired me to escort her to a wedding, but Elle doesn’t know we’re just pretending.

There’s a fire between us I never expected. A connection I haven’t felt in so long. One kiss, and I’m losing all control.

But what will happen when she finds out who I really am?

Book Reviews


It’s ok2 star

Nothing to exciting here… light easy read25


Cute cute cute!5 star

Love the book. Literally finished it in one day. 💗55


Cute easy read4 star

Love how they switch between characters. Cute easy read, ready to continue on in the series45

i luv reading

Boyfriend for Hire4 star

A delightful read. Simple and heartfelt45


Loved it5 star

Loved the story.55


Great writing5 star

I absolutely adored this book and read it within 2 days. I love the development of the character and really appreciated that they didn’t jump right into sex/saying they loved each other on page 10. I find a lot of books are so unrealistic when it comes to those things, but this one was wrote fantastically and had a more natural feel to it. I loved every minute of the book and look forward to reading more from this author. Thank you for the free read.55


Good read!5 star

Fun enjoyable book55


So Good!5 star

So much better than expected! I couldn’t stop reading. Nic sounds like sex on a stick. I really loved this story.55


When Make Believe Makes You Want it For Real4 star

What do you do when you’re an escort hired to be a third party’s blind date to a wedding—nothing more—but you wish it were real? That’s Nic’s problem when Elle makes him feel things he hasn’t before. In his profession, one doesn’t see clients in a non-paying capacity. Business is business and no personal business shall be intermixed. But Elle make him feel protective and really seen for the first time in forever and it’s addictive. But if she finds out just exactly what he does for a living, he could lose her forever. This was a fun read.45


Not my cup'o tea3 star

So I wasn't 100% in love with this book. I was not into the whole escort, paying him for money to have sex. It kinda grosses me out. I can understand a companion for the night. But actually having sex for money is a huge turn off for me. But once Nic showed no interest in ladies after he met Elle was a great surprise. I read a book recently with this type of story. It didn't have the same outcome. I ended up giving the book a less than stellar review. I also didn't like that Nic made 2 ladies very happy in one night. Again not my cup'o tea. I am not real sure I want to read The Hookup Handbook. Seeing how it has Case. And I know how much an...Escort he is.35

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