Broken Record

Broken Record Summary

A new angsty second chance stand alone fromUSA Todaybestselling author K.A. Linde.

Savannah Maxwell’s life is perfect.

She landed her dream job, is moving to D.C. after graduation, and finally has plans to live with her long-term boyfriend, Easton. Everything is exactly how it should be.

Until the boy next door walks back into her life.

Now, Lucas Atwood is offering her everything she’s ever wanted.

The life she only dreamed of.

How can she choose between the easy love that she thinks she deserves and a second chance with the boy who broke her heart? 

Including, a never before seen bonus epilogue!

Book Reviews


More Maxwell’s4 star

Finally! I have wanted Savannah’s story FOREVER, LOL, and we finally got it! Swoon-worthy and it was awesome to see all the Maxwell’s again! A must read!45

Wookiee 45

Good but not my favorite Maxwell3 star

3.5 stars for - Broken Record - book five in the Record series by K.A. Linde. This book can be read as a stand-alone from the series but I highly suggest you start at the beginning with - Off The Record - and fall in love with my favorite politician Brady Maxwell! This was originally written via the author's newsletter but is now available here with a sweet epilogue too. Savannah Maxwell has finally graduated college and is set to move to Washington, D.C. for a coveted job in journalism. She is in a loving, committed relationship with her longtime boyfriend Easton and they have decided to move in together. Life is great for the both of them except for one little problem - Savannah's best friend-turned-lover-turned-friend has unexpectedly come back into her life and made her question everything. ​ Lucas Atwood is finishing up his senior year at Vanderbilt and entering the NBA draft. With graduation looming for both him and Savi he knows it's time he made his move. Four years ago they weren't ready to be what the other needed but now it's a whole new ball game. Lucas will stop at nothing to prove to Savannah that he is the man she should choose.​ This was a good story with lots of angst and heartache. I loved seeing all the other Maxwell family members make an appearance too. Can't wait to see what Linde writes for us next.35


Angsty Goodness4 star

I had read this book in increments before, and it was nice to revisit it in its entirety. Broken Record was an angsty friends-to-lovers story with drama and heat, and I’m seriously considering revisiting the series as a refresher. This could be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading the other books in this series for a richer backstory (or re-reading if it’s been a while since you’ve read them). I enjoyed Savannah and Lucas’s story, and it was fun to delve back into the world of the Maxwells. If you’re looking for an entertaining, angsty read, this is a great choice.45


This Whole Series5 star

Gahhh... I have loved this series from the beginning... I read it thru the newsletter. But there is nothing like reading it front to cover!! Plus that epilogue is THE BEST!!! I couldn’t love this couple more!55

Lindsay Anne 88

Love the angst!!5 star

“What? What more could you want from me?” His eyes had lost their anger. Their fire. Instead, all she saw was the adoration he’d always had for her. “Everything.” Ahh what a great read!! I personally prefer a romance that isn’t cookie cutter and that goes through some difficulty. I love to see the growth and feel the emotions. As always, Kyla brings the angst in this one. “How could he elicit all of these emotions at once? Why did it feel wrong to do the right thing—what she knew was best for her?” I loved Savannah and Lucas. I loved the entire journey they took. Definitely a 5 star read for me. *ARC provided by the author in exchange for an unbiased review*55


Highly recommend this epic conclusion to The Record series!5 star

"So, six weeks, six months, six years…it didn’t matter how long it had taken to get to this moment. All that mattered was that they were there, and they’d kept their promises." Broken Record.... Loved this! Character line up: Savannah, Brady's younger sister. Graduating college and got a journalist job at The Washington Post Easton, Savannah's long term boyfriend, introduced to each other by Liz her sister in law. Lucas, Savi's best friend since forever, literal friends since birth. Graduating Vandy and going into NBA. Let's say this is an epic love story that could go either direction. Who does Savannah choose!? The heat is awesome, very sweet, at times had an Avoiding series feel (which I LOVED that series, Team Jack all the way). Highly recommend! I loved this book!55

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