Hard to Handle

Hard to Handle Summary

Black Crowes drummer and cofounder Steve Gorman shares the band's inside story in this behind-the-scenes biography, from their supernova stardom in the '90s to exhilarating encounters with industry legends.
"This book is literally the Angela's Ashesof rock memoirs. .. I absolutely loved this book."

-BILL BURR, comedian

"I couldn't put the book down-absolutely unbelievable read!"

-JOHN MCENROE, New York Timesbestselling author of But Seriouslyand You Cannot Be Serious

"I honestly couldn't put [this book] down. Made me nostalgic, sad, and happy too."

-CHRIS SHIFLETT, lead guitarist of Foo Fighters

"Essential reading for rock fans everywhere."

-BRIAN KOPPELMAN, co-creator and showrunner of Billions

For more than two decades, The Black Crowes topped the charts, graced the cover of Rolling Stone, and reigned supreme over MTV and radio waves alike with hits like "Hard to Handle," "She Talks to Angels," and "Remedy." But as the old cliché goes, stardom can be fleeting, and the group's success slowly dwindled as the band members got caught up in the rock star world and lost sight of their musical ambition. On any given night, they could be the best band you ever saw-or the most combative. Then, one last rift in 2013 proved insurmountable for the band to survive. After that, The Black Crowes would fly no more.

Founding member Steve Gorman was there for all of it-the coke- and weed-fueled tours; the tumultuous recording sessions; the incessant fighting between brothers Chris and Rich Robinson; the backstage hangs with legends like Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and the Rolling Stones. As the band's drummer and voice of reason, he tried to keep The Black Crowes together musically and emotionally. In Hard ToHandle-the first account of this great American rock band's beginning, middle, and end-Gorman explains just how impossible that job was with great insight, candor, and humor. They don't make bands like The Black Crowes anymore: crazy, brilliant, self-destructive, inspiring, and, ultimately, not built to last. But, man, what a ride it was while it lasted.

Book Reviews


Couldn’t put it down!5 star

As a long time fan of the band, it was deeply satisfying to read these stories after hearing the myths and urban legends for so long. Its a bonus that the book is beautifully written too. A great piece of rock history.55

Mr. Milic

A good read…4 star

Well written and entertaining. Emotionally a little draining reading as I’m sure the story tellers hope to convey. Sorry I just missed seeing them a couple of weeks ago.45


Excellent book!5 star

Everything you heard is true, according to Steve Gordon of course. This book is very well written by the guy who experienced all the drama in a great rock ‘n’ roll band. The book has a very funny, positive vibe to it, despite all the negativity that Steve experienced drumming for the Black Crowes. There are some really excellent stories about Jimmy page, Robert Plant and many other famous musicians. Steve has a great memory and he recounts the events that transpired from him first meeting the Robinson brothers to his last day with the band in great detail. A truly fun read!55


A Long Awaited Story & Persepctive5 star

I really enjoyed this book. Steve’s point of view seemed grounded and his perspective and sense of humor made the cringeworthy parts not a struggle to get through. I wish he would’ve mentioned the CourtTv part but I’ll live. Thanks for your side of the story!55


Fascinating5 star

I put this down once and it was only because I had to go to work! A must have for any Crowes fan!55


Good background and closure for hardcore fans5 star

First off, SHAMC is like a family member to me. Part of my identity and musical DNA. I don’t know if this is in the class of rock biographies in which a casual fan could enjoy. Lifelong fans on the other hand will get a real catharsis out of it which is what I think Steve intended. Thanks, Gorm!55


Great read5 star

One of the best rock books I’ve read. Steve’s tone is both insightful and funny. I couldn’t put this down. Top notch!55

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