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The #1 New York Times Bestseller

A bestselling book that is inspiring the nation: “We have written here about terrible things that we never wanted to think about again . . . Now we want the world to know: we survived, we are free, we love life.”

Two women kidnapped by infamous Cleveland school-bus driver Ariel Castro share the stories of their abductions, captivity, and dramatic escape

On May 6, 2013, Amanda Berry made headlines around the world when she fled a Cleveland home and called 911, saying: “Help me, I’m Amanda Berry. . . . I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been missing for ten years.”
A horrifying story rapidly unfolded. Ariel Castro, a local school bus driver, had separately lured Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight to his home, where he kept them chained. In the decade that followed, the three were raped, psychologically abused, and threatened with death. Berry had a daughter—Jocelyn—by their captor.
Drawing upon their recollections and the diary kept by Amanda Berry, Berry and Gina DeJesus describe a tale of unimaginable torment, and Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post reporters Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan interweave the events within Castro’s house with original reporting on efforts to find the missing girls. The full story behind the headlines—including details never previously released on Castro’s life and motivations—Hope is a harrowing yet inspiring chronicle of two women whose courage, ingenuity, and resourcefulness ultimately delivered them back to their lives and families.

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Very emotional yet strong5 star

Wow! This book makes me think what I have I take for granted. I should be more thankful on the things that I have. What an eye opener. Very powerful book about strength, hope, and the glory of believing in god. Thank goodness the girls are safe now.55


Wonderful Book5 star

So powerful! Great read!55

gigi santi

The most amazing book ever5 star

Every couple years I read up on these girls , to give me strength and to give me hope , their words humble me in ways they could never imagine ! Read this book and trust their words , they are living proof that god is real and miracles exists !55


Great title!!!5 star

Amazing book. Thanks for opening up and putting it all out there. I’ve been interested in you all for years, glad you had hope and made it out alive and well!!!! Xoxo55


Amazing5 star

This is an amazing book about hope and survival. Definitely a must read!55


Thank you5 star

Thank you for sharing. Truly inspiring. Wish the best for you girls❤️❤️❤️55


Hope5 star

This book was as deep as it go could go. Made me feel I was looking it through ever crack. These girls now young ladies had the hope and strength to get out. I was living in California when it happened. I stayed listening to this entire case. After I work up I’m on HLN and saw Castro committed suicide!! I don’t know why? Maybe because he needed to suffer more. As a rape victim n kept for days as well, the man that took me is free!! Living in fear is the worst. Amanda and Gina your whole life ahead of you. Your beautiful strong and amazing women. Jocelyn sweet innocent baby girl. Amanda I know you WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE BEST MOTHER EVER!! Edna Miller55

sexy latina chick

Wow5 star

I literally could not stop reading once I started. Thank you for sharing ❤️55

Sexi karamel

Amanda & Gina5 star

I can’t say enough positive things...to make a horrific story with a sunny ending! It is written as if the girls are directly talking. Their story has been told!!! I just wish all 3 girls can work things out and work together on the next book. Courage, strength and prevailing...bravo for you guys! Looking forward to the next book!!!55


Strength and Perseverance5 star

Thank you ladies for sharing what you went through and more importantly, how you survived it. You give us so much hope. To me, your names will forever be associated with strength and perseverance. You are beautiful women and children of the Most High. God bless.55

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