I Declare War

I Declare War Summary

In both sports and war, athletes and soldiers must work to have a mental edge to successfully deal with all that they encounter. While success for both is typically defined as overcoming their respective opponents, the reality is that their victories can never happen unless they’ve first won their internal battles.

I Declare War is a practical guide for fighting our inner war, the struggle against sin that breaks us down and fills our lives with pain and suffering, in turn making us feel weak and inadequate. With personal stories of his own struggles with night terrors, anxiety, narcissism, and self-doubt, Pastor Levi points readers to the hope and power that God offers in his Word.

From stockbrokers and soccer moms to skateboarders and sorority sisters, I Declare War is for anyone who struggles with depression, fear, anxiety, suicide, negative thoughts, addiction, lust, pride, jealousy, resentment, abuse, anger, self-doubt, eating disorders, and/or codependent relationships. Pastor Levi doesn’t offer a quick fix or the perfect life if you follow prescribed steps but, instead, helps guide readers in how to think right so they can live right.

Book Reviews


Amazing5 star

Amazing book that spoke to me in so many different ways and will continue to do that for years to come. Thank you being obedient in writing this.55


Couldn’t get past the first 100 pages.2 star

To many bible comparisons for me. More of a religious book.25

Declare Love

I Declare War5 star

Very inspirational. Lots of tools to help with spiritual warfare and idols One of the best books I have read in along time I do not read much but this book I seem to have finished and Enjoyed. Thank You Levi for the Word and Truth and reality we all face! God Bless you on your journey alongside our God. I will be reading more of your books😁55


Definitely a book you need to read!!5 star

I’ve been dealing with extreme anxiety and this book is so anointed to help with it. I’m thankful that Pastor Levi has put everything into words and connected it to the word.. I’m still reading but I absolutely love this book.55


Declaring War in a Time of Need5 star

Through my life I have always struggled with something. Depression, anxiety, stress and the list goes on and on. Pastor Levi Lusko has brought so much truth to my life. His previous books, “Through The Eyes of a Lion” got me through my two year old nephews sudden passing. His next book,”Swipe Right” got me through my relationship problems and got me to conquer some fears in my dating life. I am so excited to break down some more walls with, “I Declare War.” If you are in a rough season or patch, this book will guide you and God will use you in ways you could never imagine. Pastor Levi, thank you for not only your messages but your books and I can’t wait for many more books to come.55


I Declare War5 star

Feeling inspired to take control of my mind. Levi is funny and engaging and the content relative.55


There is Freedom!5 star

An amazing and inspirational read from Levi! There is freedom is declaring war on the very things that have taken our life captive! Levi is honest, transparent, and inspiring on every page! Don’t stop yourself from getting this book you won’t regret it!55



Levi Lusko’s book is truly a life changer for me!! Levi has candidly explained his internal struggles and how he has found successful Christ filled ways to victory. I appreciate so much how he allows the readers to see the behind the scenes Levi. This gives me so much HOPE as a Christian man! Just to know I am not alone in this internal battle. I personally have struggled with anxiety, guilt, and self sabotage all my life. Now, after reading this book and following these practical steps I finally feel like I have a plan to conquer these demons. This book has truly complied some of Levi’s best sermons into one book!! Don’t hesitate to give this book a read it can really give you real life ways to finally overcome all that has been holding you back from who God wants you to be!! Great book from an amazing Pastor who once again has made a huge impact in my life!! Thanks Pastor Levi !!!!55

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