Loserthink Summary

From the creator of Dilbert and author of Win Bigly, a guide to spotting and avoiding loserthink: sneaky mental habits trapping victims in their own bubbles of reality.

If you've been on social media lately, or turned on your TV, you may have noticed a lot of dumb ideas floating around.

"We know when history will repeat and when it won't."
"We can tell the difference between evidence and coincidences."
"The simplest explanation is usually true."

Wrong, wrong, and dangerous!

If we're not careful, loserthink would have us believe that every Trump supporter is a bigoted racist, addicts should be responsible for fixing the opioid epidemic, and that your relationship fell apart simply because you chewed with your mouth open.

Even the smartest people can slip into loserthink's seductive grasp. This book will teach you how to spot and avoid it--and will give you scripts to respond when hollow arguments are being brandished against you, whether by well-intentioned friends, strangers on the internet, or political pundits. You'll also learn how to spot the underlying causes of loserthink, like the inability to get ego out of your decisions, thinking with words instead of reasons, failing to imagine alternative explanations, and making too much of coincidences.

Your bubble of reality doesn't have to be a prison. This book will show you how to break free--and, what's more, to be among the most perceptive and respected thinkers in every conversation.

Book Reviews

Duck lover 27

I’m speechless1 star

He’s seriously bullying trump supporters as a whole. So how is it not ok to make black stereotypes but it’s ok to make trump supporters stereotypes 🧐🤨15

G.A.J. DuBois

😏1 star

The guy who questions evolution, the fossil record, and was on InfoWars wrote this book. Hilarious.15

Mike L - BH

Loserthink2 star

I bought this book because of its intriguing title and past cursory exposure to the author through his comic strip Dilbert. I read approximately 1/3 and called it a day. The sole reason I'm writing this is to suggest to those who might consider buying it for the same reasons I did that they may be solely disappointed. I was. Incredibly boring.25


If you are wondering if you should read this, the answer is, “Yes.”5 star

This book is filled with great advice and how to navigate the world around you and how not to engage in Loserthink.55

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