Mastering the Moment

Mastering the Moment Summary

"Comprehensive and arresting, original and generous. Tim Pollard teaches you everything you need to know about making presentations that get the results you want—and some things you ought to know about being a human being worthy of getting them.” 

—David Murray, executive director, Professional Speechwriters Association; publisher, Vital Speeches of the Day

For most people, delivering a presentation is a harrowing experience. Much is often at stake, yet presenters struggle to perform as well as they’d like. In this breakthrough book, speaker, author, and communications consultant Tim Pollard breaks this challenging moment down into its most important components and teaches you how to master each. 

How to prepare:
Understanding your audience from an intellectual, emotional, and cultural perspective Grasping the importance and practice of exceptional rehearsal Valuing the venue: making it work for you rather than against you
What to do:
Mastering the presentation opening Exploring communication mechanics Managing your audience
Who to be:
Cultivating a winning style: the three pillars of authority, authenticity, and directiveness Harnessing the power of “muscular” language Leveraging the core tools of rhetoric
With practical tips, relatable stories, and vibrant examples, Mastering the Moment employs Pollard’s engaging style, making the guidance as absorbing to read as it is to adopt.

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