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Moms on Call Toddler Book Summary

The highly sought after baby and toddler care experts strike again with this easy-to-read guide to everything moms and dads need to know about toddlerhood (complete with cheat sheets!). 

Learn why kids misbehave and why you think that what you are doing now is not "working." Discover the three household rules your toddler can understand and how to implement them. Enjoy learning actual things to say to your children that will motivate them to want to behave. Want to know how to handle discipline, sleep issues, tantrums, going out to eat, potty training, feeding issues and much more? Then, you will certainly enjoy our cheat sheets. From humorous explanations to the short and sweet version, this book has it all! 

From two pediatric nurse moms with eight children between them comes the real story on toddler behavior and discipline.

Book Reviews

Chelsie Hunt

Paid $20 for Sample?1 star

Never leave reviews, but I just paid $20 for only the sample. This is not okay. I notice that others have had the same issue. Is something going to be done or is this just a scam?15

Kate Lynn C

Only sample?2 star

Help! I also only got a few bits of the sample after I purchased?!25


Sample?1 star

How did I just pay $10.99 for the sample?! I was trying to purchase the entire book and the only download I have is a sample?! How can I purchase the book? Can I receive a refund?15


This is just what I needed5 star

It gets to the point and so many helpful tips. I needed this to give me confidence in my parenting.55


More info in sample please!1 star

The sample only contains the forward! I'd like to at least read a couple of pages before purchasing. Thank you.15

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