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From Jennifer Weiner, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Who Do You Love and In Her Shoes comes a smart, thoughtful, and timely exploration of two sisters’ lives from the 1950s to the present as they struggle to find their places—and be true to themselves—in a rapidly evolving world. Mrs. Everything is an ambitious, richly textured journey through history—and herstory—as these two sisters navigate a changing America over the course of their lives.

Book Reviews

Matton Morgans

A slog to get through3 star

A struggle to finish, I never connected with the characters and the writing was hard for me to follow.35


Heartfelt read5 star

Awesome story about the evolution of women and sisterhood55


Had me hooked5 star

It is amazing finished in a couple of days!55

Show Smart Staging

Mrs. Everything5 star

I cried at Jennifer Weiner’s description of the societal convulsion that was my late teenage experience of the mid 1060s. I had never felt those feelings so strongly since. Lots is apprehension, yes, but mostly confusion. Going to a college freshman mixer in a pretty party dress and finding everyone in jeans. Jolting.55


Spanning 3 generations a family’s generational trauma is told5 star

Beautifully executed. The characters were so endearing and their circumstances they’d endured were real, harrowing and emotionally charged. A keen insight into the dynamics of familial bonds, interactions and behavior from which trauma surfaces differently and individually from all family involved. The cyclical nature of generational trauma was so prevalent and devastating despite each of the woman’s desire to end their perpetual struggles and hardships as well as mistreatment of one another. Similarly with most families, this one was no different when love prevailed and was prioritized and these women came through for their family members when it mattered. Through all the repetitive behavior, emulation and inefficient communication what shone through was the unconditional love they shared and in my opinion it overshadowed the generational issues and it served as a glimmer of hope for which they all held tight with the belief and faith they’d all be okay as long as they’d loved and continued to demonstrate that unwavering love towards each other. Such a beautiful family and written story of these women, their personal struggles and the dynamics that were chaotic at best between their family ties and functioning55


A great sister read5 star

I love a good book that makes you appreciate sisters. While I normally prefer first person narratives as I feel I get to know the narrator better, both of the main characters were so easy to get to know and love even though things weren’t deliberately told from their view. Overall so well written and thought-provoking - and especially hard to put down!55


KaseyMnrbhy5 star

Nb. Bvbg55


Disappointing1 star

I am a big fan and loved her other books but I couldn’t even finish this one. There are very few books I don’t finish but this one felt like a chore. I really didn’t care about the characters or what happened to them.15


Mrs. Everything5 star

I wasn’t excited about the ending, I have to say I loved the book.55


Loved it!5 star

Jennifer Weiner never cease to amaze me. Pure talent!55

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