Powder Burn

Powder Burn Summary

A Miami hit-and-run witness winds up as bait for drug smugglers—in an “explosive” novel cowritten by the New York Times–bestselling author of Bad Monkey (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution).
Chris Meadows’s charmed life as an up-and-coming architect in Coconut Grove has kept him far removed from Miami’s bloody drug trade. But his comfortable existence comes crashing down around him when Chris witnesses the hit-and-run death of an ex-girlfriend by a car full of drug smuggling gangsters.
Now caught up in southern Florida’s brutal underground cocaine war, Meadows is in a fight for his life—to evade not only the hit men seeking to silence him, but also the crooked Miami cops who would rather exploit than protect him.
This is the very first suspense thriller written by the New York Times–bestselling author of Razor Girl and Sick Puppy and Bill Montalbano, a writing team praised for its “fine flair for characters and settings” (Library Journal). Those who enjoy Hiaasen’s other Florida thrillers, the Doc Ford novels by Randy Wayne White, or Netflix’s Narcos will want to discover these early crime fiction gems.

Book Reviews


Snortingly ironic4 star

Very tightly plotted and well written as you'd expect from Hiasson. Colorful characters in a Florida we all think we know.45


Mailed it in1 star

As a avid reader of Carl Hiaasen, this book was either written by Montalbano and Hiassen slapped his name on it, or Hiassen has given in to writing a book out of obligation. There is no comparison of style and creativity to his previous books. This book was plain boring. Since the author has chosen to put his name on this book I will not be tricked into reading books that have his name on them in the future. Hiaasen has soiled his unique, smart, comical, and engaging style he's known for. Totally "mailed it in".15


Powder Burn5 star

found it a little hard to get interested but soon realized were the story was going.Turned out that it was hard to stop reading55


Old material from '813 star

Old co-written novel from 1981. Not terrible, but also not what we have come to expect from Hiaasen.35


New Hiassen leaves a lot to be desired1 star

Lacks the characteristic humorous South Florida flavor, there are better mystery writers15

Linda in dc

Not his best3 star

While interesting, it is not laugh out loud funny. Being Carl Hiassen you keep waiting to laugh. Not his best book I am afraid.35

Society chief

Power Burn5 star

Carl's young cheek writing about FL characters, society and adventure are superior entertainment.55

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