Pregnancy Made Simple

Pregnancy Made Simple Summary

Pregnancy is exciting for parents-to-be!

Your life is about to change forever, whether this is the first new baby in your life or not. The amount of information out there about pregnancy can be overwhelming for everyone involved. But fear not: this practical pictorial guide, packed with accessible and stylish infographics, will help you to get up to speed and give you all the essential facts you need, as well as a healthy dose of fun trivia to help you remember and break up the facts. This book covers everything you need to know about pregnancy:

• Getting Pregnant: Once you’ve decided to have a baby, it’s not always as easy to get pregnant as you once thought!
• Being Pregnant: Pregnancy myths, morning sickness, and all the changes happening to you and your baby.
• Nourishment: Cravings! Everybody gets them—but what should you avoid indulging in?
• Well-Being: Different methods of exercise, what tests should you get, and, most important, how to relax!
• Final Stages: All the last-minute things you should do before the baby arrives! From what to stock in the nursery to the first signs of labor, this section will make sure that you’re completely ready to go when it’s time.

This book offers both men and women an easy guide to pregnancy, from finding out what’s going on inside a pregnant woman’s body to understanding the various cravings she might experience.

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