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A single diagnosis and I wasn't good enough. Not for college ball, not for my family, and not for the Marines. Medically discharged before I finished basic training, I was determined to prove myself.

Landing a job as a bodyguard for the best security firm in the business was a second chance. It should've been my focus, but a sophisticated blonde walked through the lobby and dismissed me with a single glance.

Now she was going to find out how relentless a bodyguard could be.

RELENTLESS is the seventh standalone book in the Alpha Bodyguard Series.

The Alpha Bodyguard Series:

SCANDALOUS - Tank's story

MERCILESS - Collins's story

RECKLESS - Tyler's story

RUTHLESS - Sawyer's story

FEARLESS - Ty's story

CALLOUS - Preston's story

RELENTLESS - Thomas's story

SHAMELESS - Shade's story

Book Reviews

Alexandria New

Wasn’t my favorite3 star

I had this pre conceived notion when being introduced to Thomas in Tys story that he was scrawny and young. So that was a shock there. To be honest this relationship did seem a bit more so of obsession rather than two people running into each other and falling in love. It was just weird to me. I did like how it opened to to what will be shades story. And of course I loved the Talon cameo that never gets old.35


good, but4 star

had trouble getting and staying into this one. i thought the over use of the terms of endearment was sort of annoying but still liked the book over all.45


Good book overall3 star

I usually feel a connection to the books Sybil writes, but I couldn’t get into this one as much as the others for some reason. Fallon kind of bored me to be honest. Loved her depiction of Thomas, he’s a different alpha hero for sure. But still amazing, hot, and tough nonetheless! Overall it’s a decent read, the action mixed with the romance is great and Sybil always impresses! Can’t wait for the next one.35

Friday app

A must read!5 star

Sybil Bartel has once again hit it out of the park with Relentless! It is a compelling love story of unrelenting love and devotion. She puts so much emotion into this book. Thomas is another of her sexy alpha hero’s that I have fallen in love with.55

nikki van horn

Relentless5 star

I couldn't wait to read this book and I am so glad that I did. Thomas is very protective and a sexy alpha male. He has to watch what he does to Fallon. He can read her emotions and every facial expression. Fallon has been through a lot. Not only with her ex husband and stepdaughter but also from her modeling career and mother. She doesn't trust anybody. Her ex-husband is not a nice man. His daughter is a spoiled brat. I felt so bad by the way her ex-husband and step daughter treated her. She definitely didn't deserve to be treated that way. Fallon doesn't want to get burned again like she did by her ex-husband but with sometime can she trust Thomas. And can Thomas trust her. I love reading your books Sybil Bartel. This book definitely did not disappoint. I highly recommend reading this book.55


Relentless....Ohhhh Thomas!!5 star

This beautifully written, heart wrenching, suspenseful book is AHHHHMAAZZZING!!!! Prepare yourself...Thomas is Relentless and you’re going to love him!!55

~Mindy Lou~

A relentless hero!5 star

This is one of those books that had such a heartfelt ending that I wish we could have gotten years of epilogues. This couple had to fight so hard to get where they ended up that I feel greedy about their happiness. I adore books that make me feel that way. What can I say about Relentless. Every title this author gives her books mean something. Thomas was truly relentless about what he wanted. I'm such a fan of guy chase girl books. Add in that he was so relentless about it made it so much better. I'll admit that at times I struggled to forget we first new Thomas as a younger version of himself that needed to learn a lot. In this book, he's years older and much wiser but not everyone remembered that. He convinced not only me, but everyone else by the end. Great character growth was shown here. One of the biggest reasons I love this series and anything this author writes is that she is so good about writing the Alpha heroes I love. They are always dominant. They have military training that makes them deadly, and the way they protect their women is incredibly appealing. You really got to love that strong male presence. You will not see any beta men here. Another hit in the Alpha Bodyguard series. I can't wait for the next one!55


Recommended4 star

When we first met Thomas in Fearless I was curious about him. Now I know he is very dominant, as well as different from the other bodyguards. I had a hard time getting into this book as I didn’t really feel as much of a connection to the female lead. I usually do from the beginning with this series. I loved how relentless and sure of what he wanted Thomas was. He seemed really sweet despite his past. I felt his heroine could have used a little more backbone, as I thought she too often let others rule her life. It did hit me a few times with all the feels, and this book is filled with the action I have come to expect from this author, so overall I really enjoyed it.45

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