Rework Summary

Rework shows you a better, faster, easier way to succeed in business. 

Most business books give you the same old advice: Write a business plan, study the competition, seek investors, yadda yadda. If you're looking for a book like that, put this one back on the shelf.

Read it and you'll know why plans are actually harmful, why you don't need outside investors, and why you're better off ignoring the competition. The truth is, you need less than you think. You don't need to be a workaholic. You don't need to staff up. You don't need to waste time on paperwork or meetings. You don't even need an office. Those are all just excuses. 

What you really need to do is stop talking and start working. This book shows you the way. You'll learn how to be more productive, how to get exposure without breaking the bank, and tons more counterintuitive ideas that will inspire and provoke you.

With its straightforward language and easy-is-better approach, Reworkis the perfect playbook for anyone who’s ever dreamed of doing it on their own. Hardcore entrepreneurs, small-business owners, people stuck in day jobs they hate, victims of "downsizing," and artists who don’t want to starve anymore will all find valuable guidance in these pages.

Book Reviews


Different view3 star

Takes a complete opposite approach than 99% other leadership books. While his ideas are worthy not all would stand up in a traditional business model… but that may be his point?! Almost becomes comical to start a new chapter and see the title and know exactly what the author will say!35

Craig O'S

Amazing Book5 star

Buy this book. I am so glad I did. Lots of nuggets of ridiculously good information that you can easily digest.55


Gets to the point.5 star

Great book. Concise, inspiring, and useful.55


Ah, how simple!5 star

This book nails it when it comes to simplifying your business. Such a breath of fresh business management air. I’ve been Slacking excerpts to my management team from almost every page. (Yes, they are reading it too) Real, fresh, actionable, nicely done!55


👏🏿5 star

Excellent read!55

Ant kills birds

Its an ok book4 star

The book is ok, a few new views, but nothing revolutionary.45


Rework5 star

Truly an amazing book! Must read if you're looking for inspiration :)55

Horace iPad

Different Way of Looking at Business and Life5 star

I like the way the authors' challenge the status quo of being traditional. We live in a much different society today. You don't need to have 20 people to start a business anymore. Technology has taken care alot of things for the "STARTER" (not entrepreneur) We should be thankful and embrace the new world of business we live in because it's only going to get better.55


Rework5 star

5 Star55


Awesome Book!5 star

Guys, been following you for a while and do not write many reviews, this one was a must. Unforgettable read!!! It lets us know we are not crazy at HCi. I have been in the corporate arenas you speak of for over 15 years with the "dynamic cultures" and the likes. They don't mean the first word of it. It just fuels my life long personal and business attitude of being good to people. We appreciate the book 120% if anyone is in business or thinking about it, grab this now!!!55

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