Rock Guitar Un-CAGED

Rock Guitar Un-CAGED Summary

Learn 100 Original Rock Guitar Licks
Master The Guitar Neck in Any Position and Any Key
Includes Over 100 Minutes of Audio
150 Exercises in Standard Notation and Tab

The long awaited follow up to bestselling CAGED System and 100 Licks for Blues Guitar, Rock Guitar Un-CAGED expands the popular concept to cover rock guitar vocabulary and lines. Rock Guitar Un-CAGED includes 100 original rock guitar licks based around the 5 CAGED system shapes, 100 minutes of audio downloadsso you can hear what you’re learning, and full explanations of how to open up the whole guitar neck in any key, in any position, it is the Complete Rock Guitar Soloing Course.

Original and Usable Rock Guitar Vocabulary

There are 25 Licks based around the 4 most common rock guitar scales; The Blues Scale, The Aeolian Mode, The Lydian Mode and the Mixolydian Mode. With 5 licks based around each of the 5 fretboard positions you always have great lines to play wherever you are on the guitar neck. Each lick is demonstrated with a professionally recorded example track so you know what sound you’re aiming for.

Audio Samples

Check out the audio samples on
Learn the Guitar Fretboard in a Creative, Fun Way.

Each of the 5 scale patterns for each mode is taught around the CAGED system.This simple system helps you easily relate each scale pattern to an individual chord shape anchor. By relating your scales and licks to these anchors you can easily play any scale or lick, in any position and in any key by simply shifting the anchor. Each chapter includes extensive exercises to increase your vision of the guitar neck wherever you are, or whatever you’re playing. Of course, each exercise is also included as an audio track too.

Backing Tracks

Practice your licks and exercises with 14 Backing tracks. There are 8 backing tracks to correspond with the fretboard vision exercises, and 6 fun and groovy backing tracks by Guitar Techniques Magazine’s very own Quist.You will lose yourself for hours playing your new rock guitar licks with these excellent backing tracks.

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