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See It Summary

Enhanced audio with music, sound affects and professional actors. 

"See It" is the eighth book in the series of beginning readers from

New Sound in Book 8

New Words in Book 8:
in, it

The 80 books in the series use systematic phonics to ensure that your beginning readers will get a great start in reading proficiency.

The books begin at a very simple level and gradually introduce new sounds and words until students have mastered all 44 phonemes (sounds) in the English language. 

The books should be read in order, because the sounds and words in each book build upon those learned in previous books. It is important that students master each book before moving on to the next.
Each new word throughout the program is repeated at least 5 times in the book in which it first appears and 5 more times in the next 10 books.
Story Summary:
Mat, Mit, and Sis are playing ball on a very hot day. They suddenly see a shady place and decide to play where it’s not so hot. Then they discover that the shade is really the shadow of Will the Elephant. As the sun goes down, off they all go for a ride on Will’s back.

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