Swan Song

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New York Times Bestseller: A young girl’s visions offer the last hope in a postapocalyptic wasteland in this “grand and disturbing adventure” (Dean Koontz).

A PBS Great American Read Top 100 Pick
Swan is a nine-year-old Kansas girl following her struggling mother from one trailer park to the next when she receives visions of doom—something far wider than the narrow scope of her own beleaguered life. In a blinding flash, nuclear bombs annihilate civilization, leaving only a few buried survivors to crawl onto a scorched landscape that was once America.
In Manhattan, a homeless woman stumbles from the sewers, guided by the prophecies of a mysterious amulet, and pursued by something wicked; on Idaho’s Blue Dome Mountain, an orphaned boy falls under the influence of depraved survivalists and discovers the value of a killer instinct; and amid the devastating dust storms on the Great Plains of Nebraska, Swan forms a heart-and-soul bond with an unlikely new companion. Soon they will cross paths. But only Swan knows that they must endure more than just a trek across an irradiated country of mutated animals, starvation, madmen, and wasteland warriors.
Swan’s visions tell of a coming malevolent force. It’s a shape-shifting embodiment of the apocalypse, and of all that is evil and despairing. And it’s hell-bent on destroying the last hope of goodness and purity in the world. Swan is that hope. Now, she must fight not only for her own survival, but for that of all mankind.
A winner of the Bram Stoker Award and a finalist for the World Fantasy Award, Swan Song has become a modern classic, called “a chilling vision that keeps you turning pages to the shocking end” by John Saul and “a long, satisfying look at hell and salvation” by Publishers Weekly.

Book Reviews


I loved this book!5 star

It was great.55


Best book I've read5 star

May be better than The Stand55


Amazing5 star

Honestly makes you think about who you really are and what you really stand for. Every person should read this book.55


Swan Song is a masterpiece5 star

I absolutely love this book! I wished that it would never end55


Swan Song5 star

Very good book not as detailed as The Stand, but good nonetheless.55


Waste of time and money1 star

Where to start. The good, many words are spelled correctly. The bad. Horrible horrible writing. Reads like an 8th grade r wrote it. Just.....do not waste your time or money.15


One of my favorites5 star

One of my favorite books. I have read this book a thousand times and will read it a thousand more. Definitely a great read!55


Very good book4 star

I enjoyed this book but i read it shortly after reading Steven King's book The Stand, hence only 4 stars. I would have enjoyed it more if the violence was turned down a bit. The torture, and killing infants was way too much for me.45

Mami 27


Such an awesome read!! The characters make you feel like your living the tale with them... excellent read!!55


Storytelling at its absolute finest5 star

I purchased this book when it was initially published in 1987 and have worn out not one but three copies of the paperback. If I could find a hardcover version at a reasonable price, I would buy it in a heartbeat but they are rare and quite pricey on the used book market. Totally thrilled that I now have an e-book version of it. This is a story that, while definitely dated in view of world events taking place after it was written, still captivates you to the point where you completely lose yourself in the story and forget that time actually exists. Mr. McCammon's gifts for pacing, detail, exposition and eliciting emotion are second to none and he truly is a master at pulling the reader into the alternate reality he has created. You will experience genuine feelings of all stripes allocated towards the appropriate characters in this story from the very beginning right up to the last page. Thanks to the author's attention to every possible detail and descriptive device he can muster, the mental pictures generated of a shattered and tormented world and the treacherous journey of those characters living within it will have you imagining you are right there with them and trust me, it is really hard to pull yourself away from this book for any amount of time until you are done reading it. I have literally read this novel over a dozen times and while the story suffers only from some dated references to technology long surpassed after the writing of the book, it still is a thrilling ride through and through. If any of Mr. McCammon's amazing books have ever been worthy of film adaptation, this is the one that should get a full two-part movie treatment to cover both of the main sections of the novel. I only wish someone would green light a proper screenplay for this compelling and emotional story...if I myself were a person in the entertainment industry with clout, vision and resources, I would see to it that this got done!! You will not regret purchasing this novel. Simply one of the best - if not THE best - works of fiction you will ever read.55

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