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WARNING -This book contains BDSM- WARNING

Abby Raines is leaving Las Vegas. She’s trading the glitter and excess of her hometown for the rolling hills and lush forests of Rapid City, South Dakota. She’s taken her first real job and she’s determined to succeed on her own. 

Mark Marsten traded the Texas range for the Army Rangers years ago and never looked back. Now, he’s settled permanently in Rapid City with the remaining members of his Special Forces unit. He thought he had it all, well almost anyway. Until a sassy redhead with a sharp tongue and body to die for rolled into town. 

Mark knows he’s too much for her long-term, but he can’t resist a fling with Rapid City’s newest resident. He thought he knew the game. After all, it’s his game. And always his rules. But more and more it feels like Abby is the one holding all the cards.

Burnout is a series but each novel can stand alone on its own. You do not have to read Tex to enjoy the others. It is the only novel in the series with BDSM. If you don’t like BDSM skip this one. Fair warning: the kink factor is extremely high.

WARNING - This book contains BDSM - WARNING

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Light Tex Torture2 star

I loved Shooter, have re-read it several times, and I wanted to love Tex. I really did. I downloaded the sample and read until it ended and then bought it. I have no problem with porn or BDSM. But I wanted a BOOK. Not a porno. Those I can read elsewhere and at specific times. I wanted character development and plot, with some hotness on the side. It was completely the other way around. It gives thirty pages of graphic descriptions of sex, half a page of light plot thinking about sex, and back to sex. I started skipping after a while and then, I’m ashamed to say (but maybe not that ashamed) I threw in the towel. Off to read something else. You know, with characters and a plot.25


3.5 stars3 star

This is Tex/Mark’s book and the author warns that it contains BDSM. There are definitely a few cringe worthy moments! I felt that certain things Tex would say he would then turn around and contradict in action. It seemed at times like a manual on BDSM rather than a romance. Abby has just moved to Rapid City from Vegas and she meets Tex on her first night in town. She has never been in the kind of relationship that Mark is seeking. Mark doesn’t really hide who he is. He knows what he needs in a partner and that he will be unhappy if he settles for less. I felt this book could have focused more on their relationship and less on the details of their lifestyle. This book was just an okay read for me.35

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