The 10X Rule

The 10X Rule Summary

Achieve "Massive Action" results and accomplish your business dreams!
While most people operate with only three degrees of action-no action, retreat, or normal action-if you're after big goals, you don't want to settle for the ordinary. To reach the next level, you must understand the coveted 4th degree of action. This 4th degree, also know as the 10 X Rule, is that level of action that guarantees companies and individuals realize their goals and dreams.

The 10 X Rule unveils the principle of "Massive Action," allowing you to blast through business clichŽs and risk-aversion while taking concrete steps to reach your dreams. It also demonstrates why people get stuck in the first three actions and how to move into making the 10X Rule a discipline. Find out exactly where to start, what to do, and how to follow up each action you take with more action to achieve Massive Action results.
Learn the "Estimation of Effort" calculation to ensure you exceed your targets Make the Fourth Degree a way of life and defy mediocrity Discover the time management myth Get the exact reasons why people fail and others succeed Know the exact formula to solve problems
Extreme success is by definition outside the realm of normal action. Instead of behaving like everybody else and settling for average results, take Massive Action with The 10 X Rule, remove luck and chance from your business equation, and lock in massive success.

Book Reviews

johnhimer g

FOR YOU5 star

If you’re looking to upgrade your lifestyle and thought patterns. This is THE BOOK55


Great!!!5 star

Best motivation I received and change in thinking I’ve experienced in a while. Everyone needs to read this.55


Motivational5 star

Motivates to reach for higher levels then you previously thought was possible. Definitely inspired me to think bigger and write out massive goals for this year!55


Going beyond normal5 star

The book is excellent at showing you just how you can dream big and achieve more than you dream. It’s a reset 0f your mindset its what makes successful people successful. I really enjoyed the book and highly recommend it55

Miqual Spivey

Motivated5 star

Great book! Kept me engaged and motivated!55

michael. ortiz

Absolutely a must read5 star

I’m not in the corporate sales field and this book still absolutely changed my outlook. Definitely a great read I will suggest this book over and over.55

Damani Spalding

It’s really wonderful5 star

I like the fact that it gives us insight on what society has been hiding from us55


Awesome book5 star

I love this book. You will learn so much. Thanks Grant Cardone!!!55

Jabari Jones

Great Read5 star

This book is great if you’re needing a little bit of motivation in life.55

Jamel Smith

10x5 star

Love the book and this is a great asset for me! Thanks Uncle GC!!55

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