The Andromeda Evolution

The Andromeda Evolution Summary


Fifty years after The Andromeda Strain made Michael Crichton a household name—and spawned a new genre, the technothriller—the threat returns, in a gripping sequel that is terrifyingly realistic and resonant.

The Evolution is Coming.

In 1967, an extraterrestrial microbe came crashing down to Earth and nearly ended the human race. Accidental exposure to the particle—designated The Andromeda Strain—killed every resident of the town of Piedmont, Arizona, save for an elderly man and an infant boy. Over the next five days, a team of top scientists assigned to Project Wildfire worked valiantly to save the world from an epidemic of unimaginable proportions. In the moments before a catastrophic nuclear detonation, they succeeded.

In the ensuing decades, research on the microparticle continued. And the world thought it was safe…

Deep inside Fairchild Air Force Base, Project Eternal Vigilance has continued to watch and wait for the Andromeda Strain to reappear. On the verge of being shut down, the project has registered no activity—until now. A Brazilian terrain-mapping drone has detected a bizarre anomaly of otherworldly matter in the middle of the jungle, and, worse yet, the tell-tale chemical signature of the deadly microparticle.

With this shocking discovery, the next-generation Project Wildfire is activated, and a diverse team of experts hailing from all over the world is dispatched to investigate the potentially apocalyptic threat.

But the microbe is growing—evolving. And if the Wildfire team can’t reach the quarantine zone, enter the anomaly, and figure out how to stop it, this new Andromeda Evolution will annihilate all life as we know it.

Book Reviews


Good follow up to the Original book4 star

It was worth reading45


Excellent book5 star

If you read Scientific American and do well at Jeopardy, you will really enjoy this book. If you prefer comic books and cartoons, don’t buy it. This story is a sequel to The Andromeda Strain with a different premise. Crichton’s writing style isn’t for everyone but I couldn’t put it down.55


Boring1 star

I loved the original. Too much detail, some seemingly accurate, some ridiculous. First time I gave up on a book and couldn’t finish it.15


Very good follow up👍🏼5 star

Very good follow up to the first book, I loved it. Leaves you definitely wanting more!!!55

liliputian dwarf reading

Excellent5 star

This author takes over Michael Crichton in an absolutely interesting novel. A group of 4 scientists go to the Amazon rainforest study an anomaly. What occurs during and after is mind boggling. The research for this book is unbelievable and everything is described in Crichton style. You’ll be wondering if this is real. The hypotheses are “astronomical “ and the characters are believable. You’ll be surprised at the ending, but it’s not a shock. You’ll just suspect what’s hoping to happen. Read it...I couldn’t stop55


Good bit short4 star

Good story, 15 bucks for a novella is a bit steep. Still liked it though.45


Amazing!5 star

An incredible nonstop thriller of a read! Daniel H Wilson did an amazing job channeling his “inner Crichton” and recreated Crichton’s style and methods in a beautiful manner that would do M.C. proud!55

Am book reader

Andromeda Evolution4 star

While entertaining and kept my interest, the original Crichton story has it all over this sequel. Definitely worth an afternoons entertainment. But the original is still a classic.45

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