The Captain's Prize

The Captain's Prize Summary

Love is for the weak of mind.

Astra is queen of the Companion world. She has been at the king's side for ten years, but his interest is waning. If she can just hold on a little longer, she will take her rightful place as mentor and never share a man's bed again. But a single game of cards threatens to bring her future to ruins. The king's wager is a brutal reminder that she is replaceable, disposable—a prize to be won. Now she must find a way to survive outside the castle until she can find a way back inside its walls.

Dion is captain of the Galen army, a soldier, a humanitarian—and possibly a traitor. He does not believe in people as property, so the concept of a Companion is confronting. Mistress or slave? He cannot decide. The king's Companion seems content enough with her eternal smile and ability to command a room with just a tilt of her head and flash of blue eyes, but he sees past the painted face and rehearsed laughter. She is broken. She is fire. And a game of cards later, she is entirely his problem.

This is book five in The Companion series. If you enjoy a moving love story set in a medieval world, then you will love The Captain's Prize.

Trigger warning: This book contains violence and dark themes.

Book Reviews


Loved it!5 star

Finished in two days and didn’t want it to end! Have to read it again.55

Katy Hogue

Tanya does it again….5 star

I loved this story. Dion and Astra are a tough couple with reservations. Their relationship starts rocky as they spend time fighting with and for each other. This story kept me locked in and I devoured this book in one day. Tanya does an awesome job of writing strong female characters and Astra doesn’t disappoint. This story was entertaining and addictive. If you love YA romance you won’t be disappointed.55


Sad when this one was over.5 star

Tanya has never let me down. This book is a combination of everything I love in a book, a great storyline, adventure,romance, humor and well developed characters. I love the Companion Series, this is #5 in the series. I would definitely recommend them all.55

I <3 Jesus

Wow5 star

Tanya does an amazing job of pulling you in right from the beginning. Easily one of my favorite books and authors. She has a way with words and story telling that spins a magical world you can almost see and feel. The dialogue is witty and fun, so much passion (but clean which is huge for me), intrigue, and setting of the scene for the final book. Can you say anticipation?!? Gosh this book and series is just soooo good. Find out what makes Astra tick and check in with all your other favorite companions. You won’t be disappointed!55

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