The Counselor (Movie Tie-in Edition)

The Counselor (Movie Tie-in Edition) Summary

On the eve of becoming a married man, the Counselor makes a risky entrée into the drug trade—and gambles that the consequences won’t catch up to him.
Along the gritty terrain of the Texas–Mexico border, a respected and recently engaged lawyer throws his stakes into a cocaine trade worth millions. His hope is that it will be a one-time deal and that, afterward, he can settle into life with his beloved fiancée. But instead, the Counselor finds himself mired in a brutal and dangerous game—one that threatens to destroy everything and everyone he loves. Deft, shocking, and unforgettable, McCarthy is at his finest in this gripping tale about risk, consequence, and the treacherous balance between the two.

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J Clam

You might not get it5 star

I thought the movie was great but I may be in the minority. As my dad used to say,"thats why they make fords and chevrolets.".55


Thin and Watery1 star

If you are expecting one of McCarthy's novels composed of rich prose and haunting imagery you will be sorely disappointed. This is a terse, disjointed screen play that can be read in less than two hours. I cannot imagine a full-length motion picture being made from this.15


Rip Off1 star

This is not a book but a screen play. I had no idea when I made purchase.15

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