The Eye of the Elephant

The Eye of the Elephant Summary

An “exciting” true account of battling the elephant poachers of Zambia by the author of Where the Crawdads Sing and her fellow biologist (The Boston Globe).
Intelligent, majestic, and loyal, with lifespans matching our own, elephants are among the greatest of the wonders gracing the African wilds. Yet, in the 1970s and 1980s, about a thousand of these captivating creatures were slaughtered in Zambia each year, killed for their valuable ivory tusks. When biologists Mark and Delia Owens, residing in Africa to study lions, found themselves in the middle of a poaching fray, they took the only side they morally could: that of the elephants.
From the authors of Secrets of the Savanna, The Eye of the Elephant is “part adventure story, part wildlife tale,” recounting the Owens’s struggle to save these innocent animals from decimation, a journey not only to supply the natives with ways of supporting their villages, but also to cultivate support around the globe for the protection of elephants (The Boston Globe). Filled with daring exploits among disgruntled hunters, arduous labor on the African plains, and vivid depictions of various wildlife, this remarkable tale is at once an adventure story, a travelogue, a preservationist call to action, and a fascinating examination of both human and animal nature.

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Exhilarating!5 star

A must read! The words immerse you in the experience so much so you feel like you are there, on the journey with them. I am amazed by their courage and all they accomplished for conservation. They are true heros!55

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Beautifully written5 star

All 3 books of their African experience was mesmerizing. It felt like I was there experiencing their journey with the elephants, lions and hyenas. The Owens are an incredible couple who devoted their life to the conservation of these beautiful creatures.55


Great book5 star


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