The Five Most Common Cane Corso Mistakes

The Five Most Common Cane Corso Mistakes Summary

Much of what you find in this information-packed e-book will apply to any breed or mixed breed dog. However, some breeds are more mini-van like while others are more Ferrari-like. As a result, several versions of this booklet have been written but where required tailored to reflect specific breed characteristics. This one is tailored to the needs of the Ferrari-like Cane Corso, their owners, and prospective owners.

What you read in the following pages is genuinely the ‘Missing Cane Corso Manual.’ These are the five most highly influential things most frequently missed or left to chance by Cane Corso owners with young dogs. Almost 100% of the Cane Corso avoidable behavior problems I’ve encountered in my career trace back to these five pitfalls. They are what most frequently come between the sort of life a Cane Corso owner wants for their dog and ultimately a much less satisfying version.

This ebook isn’t about whether you should get a Cane Corso. The assumption at this point is you’re definitely getting one or in the process of getting one or maybe even have one and want to get things off on the right paw, and it’s undoubtedly the ebook to do that.


John ‘Ask The Dog Guy’ Wade 
Embracing Science and Common Sense

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