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★★★★★ "Now I know what all the hype is about! Such a relatable read!" - Addison Rae, Actress ___ A novel full of truths about dating, separations and love: direct, raw and damn revealing! After a sudden end with another guy she finally opened-up to, Amelia is thrown into a vortex of conflicting thoughts and emotions. Once again, she is forced to reflect on her life and what dating means in the modern world. The answers she finds, especially through a new male friend who unveils the way guys "really" think, makes her even more determined to find something more real. It all helps set her free...maybe... "I resonated with the characters so much, especially Amelia. It's not just a story about a breakup, but so much more and deeper than that." - Demi Rose, Model "Honestly, blew my mind how accurate it is. Definitely recommend!" - Lizzie Sobinoff, Married At First Sight (MAFS) The Modern Break-Up was listed among the top romance novels to read by

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Great book5 star

This book was amazing.55


Awesome5 star

I could not stop reading for it’s worth amelia taught my mind so much55


Love it5 star

A real, raw book about love and everything that come with it, loved this book so much!55

Ceals Corningstone

What did I just read...2 star

Had a lot of long rants that made you want to put the book down then light it on fire.25


Beautifully Written5 star

Absolutely loved this book. I am going through a break up myself and have been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. It is definitely hard coming out of something you thought was so great. It is hard to let go. Reading this book was enlightening. It made me feel less alone and more proactive. Besides that fact, it was beautifully written.55


It grew on me4 star

I started reading this book because the reviews praised it so highly, saying it provided great relationship advice and insight. It is an easy read, I’ll give it that. But the interactions between the main character and her friends are so noticeably... weird. They call each other babe a lot and there is so much relationship advice given without enough transition or context for it to seem realistic. And don’t get me started on the obvious male dialogue that INSISTS that the problem these days is that women ALWAYS IGNORE THE “GOOD” GUYS. Even the mother of the main character says it repeatedly. Come on. However, I did enjoy watching Amelia’s character slowly become more independent and confident in herself. I liked how she began to decide that her happiness was her own job, and we got to see her self-reflection surrounding her relationships. I’m actually glad I read this.45


Useless & misleading1 star

Not a self help book.15

Purple is awesome ;)

The Modern Breakup5 star

I was skeptical about reading a book about breakups, because I’m going through one right now, but the story this book took, the advice, the quotes and how realistic it felt, was amazing! I was able to relate to the characters, and understand each ones point of view. I feel motivated and stronger. Definitely a must read whether you’re going through a breakup or not!55


Loved it!5 star

Loved it. Helps a lot with thing you already know but don’t want to accept. Helped me out a lot.55


Something for everyone5 star

This book has something for everyone in any stage of a relationship!55

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