The Plot Against the President

The Plot Against the President Summary

Investigative journalist Lee Smith uses his unprecedented access to Congressman Devin Nunes, former head of the House Intelligence Committee, to expose the deep state operation against the president -- and the American people.
Investigative journalist Lee Smith's The Plot Against the Presidenttells the story of how Congressman Devin Nunes uncovered the operation to bring down the commander-in-chief. While popular opinion holds that Russia subverted democratic processes during the 2016 elections, the real damage was done not by Moscow or any other foreign actor. Rather, this was a slow-moving coup engineered by a coterie of the American elite, the "deep state," targeting not only the president, but also the rest of the country.
The plot officially began July 31, 2016 with the counterintelligence investigation that the FBI opened to probe Russian infiltration of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. But the bureau never followed any Russians. In fact, it was an operation to sabotage Trump, the candidate, then president-elect, and finally the presidency. The conspirators included political operatives, law enforcement and intelligence officials, and the press.
The plot was uncovered by Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and his investigative team. They understood that the target of the operation wasn't just Trump, but rather the institutions that sustain our republic. A country where operatives use the intelligence and security services to protect their privileges by spying on Americans, coordinating with the press, and using extra-constitutional means to undermine an election then undo a presidency is more like the third world than the republic envisioned by the founding fathers.
Without Nunes and his team, the plot against the president -- and against the country -- never would have been revealed. Told from the perspective of Nunes and his crack investigators -- men and women who banded together to do the right thing at a crucial moment for our democracy -- the story of the biggest political scandal in a generation reads like a great detective novel, feels like a classic cowboy movie. The congressman from the cattle capital of California really did fight corruption in Washington. Devin Nunes took on the "deep state."

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Great movie5 star

Such a plethora of useful informatio.55


Unfortunate1 star

Unfortunate furthering of disinformation and lies. The thesis of this book has been proven to be lies in over 60 court cases.15


Truth and MSM is corrupt .5 star

This is truth that MSM refuses to share. This country has been torn apart by big tech and corrupt politicians. What happened to a free country? We are not free. We are being used and destroyed by the global elite and our own politicians.55


Exceptional yet infuriating5 star

While most of what was in this film actually wasn’t news to me (thank you Glenn Beck), it doesn’t make it any less infuriating/frightening that these things are happening on our soil; to an elected President!55


Narcissist1 star

Trump being trump.15

The R!ck

Pure fiction1 star

This is garbage and boarder line unreadable. Should be labeled fiction.15


Trump 20205 star

Love it55


Fake news1 star

The app was good 😌 and wit woritueoeeywo the president was very happy to see you guys playing fortnite on this app is it a good joke to play it on a the real wywtwywywyywy game and the game it was15


Trump is a fascist1 star

This is garbage15


ewwwwww1 star

horrible. just awful. incredibly distateful. a disgrace15

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