The Power of Now

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This #1 New York Times bestseller is now available in paperback. Powerful, direct, heartfelt and transformative, the words in The Power of Now can change readers’ lives.

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The power of now5 star

Beautiful book. Would recommend to everyone. Such an eye-opener i loved it!55


Great5 star

This book was a blessing too me love all read it it’s extremely good and now55


Author1 star

The author definitely took some kind of psychedelics in his lifetime and became “enlightened”15


Required reading5 star

Definitely required reading for those of us on our journeys toward enlightenment and spirituality. I am grateful that this book came to me. Please read it and give it thought. It is here to help you and support your growth.55

Juan Summer

This Book Changed My Life5 star

Every word of this book feels and rings true. The moment something starts feeling difficult to understand I know there was resistance from my ego to a deeper truth. I worked with this book and I overcame a very painful break up and some difficult situations at work. This book is amazing, I has helped me relate in a healthier way with everyone around me, helped me overcome a lot of past and accumulated pain. just reading a sentence brings me back to the present moment and I start disolving my anxiety. Defenitly have to read it again.55


Wow5 star

Life changing55


Life Changing5 star

Has redefined my life.55

Ifa H

Become your true self5 star

Most interesting book. Try living this book for a week and you will experience the power of now.55


A perfect fit when in pivoting life moments5 star

There are times in your life that requires you to slow down for a reason. This book came to me in one of those moments. It provides guidance and clarity into the next stage. The “Power of Now” is a powerful guide to navigate various pivotal moments of life towards a healthy and sustainable personal growth55


Must read5 star


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