The Quintessential Cast Iron Cookbook

The Quintessential Cast Iron Cookbook Summary

Finally, a paperback version of the bestselling One Pan To Rule Them All!

Let’s face it. If your kitchen had just one pan, one single tool to accomplish any cooking concoction of which you dare to dream, it should be a pretty awesome one, right? The one true pan to rule them all—it should be a cast iron skillet!

Cast iron cookware is a proven hero, never goes out of style, and cannot be destroyed, despite how you feel about yourself as a home cook. Here Howie Southworth and Greg Matza—best friends and adventurous home cooks—guide you through the ins and outs of all things cast iron and share one hundred recipes for cooking in a skillet on the stovetop or outdoors on a grill or campfire. Here you’ll find easy-to-follow recipes for:

• Spinach and cheddar frittata
• Lobster pot pie
• Creole jambalaya
• Chicken and dumplings
• Bacon-wrapped steak
• Spicy queso fundido dip
• Sichuan fried rice
• Maple-spiked acorn squash
• Almond-crusted apple pie
• And more!

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