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The thrilling conclusion to the Naked Trilogy. He came into my life. He took me off guard, consumed me. Claimed me. But there is more to Jax North than meets the eye. There is more to this man than the way he makes me tremble, sigh, and even smile when I didn't believe I still could smile. And as it turns out the two of us together are far more than fire and passion. The two of us together threaten to expose a secret about Jax, and our families, that not even we know. A secret that someone doesn't want exposed. A secret that someone will do anything to hide.

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Amazing conclusion...beautiful new beginning!!5 star

I loved the conclusion to Jax and Emma’s story. Jax has gone from an angry man out for vengeance to a man wholly in love with the woman who is his perfect partner. He’s a man who seeks answers to the death of his brother and wants the guilty to pay. But he won’t do that at the cost of losing Emma. She’s saved him in so many ways. Emma has spirit. She fights for what is right and works hard, not afraid of working for every dime she earns despite the fact her family has money. She’s as honest as they come. She will protect Jax at all costs. They’re both willing to walk away to protect each other in the two preceding books. In this one, they realize they are better together. They are stronger together. Truthfully, the hole in their heart, their life would be immense if one walked away. Two Together. They’re story isn’t over at the end of this book. It’s only begun and they have found family. Family not of blood but of loyalty and respect. And sometimes that’s even better than blood. Two Together was the best series conclusion for Jax and Emma. Now I secretly hope that the one family member siting at the Thanksgiving table with Jax and Emma gets their own story!! Hint, hint!!55


Wow, this was a great finale5 star

Lisa has done it again! This is a great trilogy. This book intertwined characters from other books, suspenseful romance is a Must Read!55

Bibliophile Chloe

What a finale!4 star

This is the stunning conclusion of Emma & Jax's story and what a wild ride it is! Secrets uncovered, hearts broken and families healed.  You can't go wrong with this! Emma and Jax fight for what they have together and fight for it they do. Ms. Jones keeps you guessing until the very end.  This story moves fast and you have to read it slowly to make sure you don't miss anything! The secondary characters are important and bring so much to the story.   I can't wait to see what's in store for Savage next! This edge of your seat romance is classic Lisa Renee Jones! Well done!45

Crystal's Book World

The best yet!!!!5 star

The ending left me with my jaw hanging! No, there is not another cliff hanger as this is the last book in this series. Emma and Jax are just sizzlin' and this book gets smokin' hot! But you will not only get chemistry with the characters, Lisa adds so much more! There is so much suspense and you are not sure what will happen next <3 I loved all the drama and the second guessing. Yes! I am the champ figuring who is who or what is what in the story. But not with this story. I was surprised how we found out all the answers we were dying to uncover. I loved this trilogy and the end was written to perfection for these characters. This is why I am a forever fan of LRJ's writing. So much passion in and out of those words will keep you hooked until the very end!55


Wow!5 star

Wow! What a way to end a series. I really enjoyed Jay and Emma. Following them through all three books was such a thrill. Jax being the one who never stayed the night and stayed with one woman for a long period of time, definitely changer. Emma was his light. Brought him out of the revenge state that he was in. He realized that he could never be with out her. When that was almost taken away from him, he went ballistic! He made sure that was never going to happen again. He’d never survive it! Emma was afraid to be with another man after a tragic past. But Jax walked into her life and changed her outlook on men. He was her savior. Her hope! I loved reading about their blooming relationship. But it was all flowers and rainbows. They still needed to figure out what had happened to Hunter. And while doing that, the threat was very much there. Thankfully, Savage was there! Lol! Needless to say, I was shocked with the discovery. I totally did not see that coming. These books cannot be read as stand a lone’s. Each book picks up where the previous ended. I loved this series so much!!55


Love Jax and Emma5 star

Lisa Renee Jones has done it again. This is a perfect example of why she is one of my go to authors. Her books always pull me in and keep me on the edge of my seat. I love the mystery and suspense. I love the complexity of this series. She keeps me guessing until the end. I also loved that the guys from Walker Security were in this book. I can’t wait to read whatever she releases next.55


Must Read Series5 star

I have been waiting for the final book in Jax and Emma’s journey. Although Jax and Emma had amazing chemistry between them from the very beginning, I loved seeing it grow into so much more. This book pick up where book two left off and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It provides steam, suspense and a lot of lies that could destroy what they have, so sit back and see if their relationship can survive. I thought many times through the book that I had it figured out, but man was I wrong, many times. I loved Jax and Emma, but I also loved the appearances from past characters like: employees from Walker Security and Savage! This is another must read series by Lisa Renee Jones.55


Riveting & Enthralling!5 star

WOW! Better hold on tight, heat, revenge, games, anger, and old bleeding wounds, all are colliding and sinking into this finale. Lost in the torment. Jax and Emma are unleashed in their passion and fear. Someone is playing a game with them and if it divides them, they will get what they want. But the “Us” that Emma and Jax has become is going to make whoever this is, pay. They are fighting for each other. They are fighting for the truth. Jax has become Emma’s escape, her shelter, and it is both wonderful and terrifying, to count on him after all she has been through in her life. As they try to get through the family war that they inherited, the heat between them becomes more and more explosive, burning them alive, deepening their intimacy with an intensity that is scorching, demanding and bringing them closer together. But someone is watching, waiting, and wanting to tear them apart. This is such a fantastic finale. Bringing a clawing, foreboding sensation that roars intensely, throughout this story. So many secrets are brought to light, shaking Jax and Emma as well as the reader to the core. Driving the reader fiercely to the riveting, intense, and shocking conclusion. Lisa Renee Jones brings the suspense, the savoring sweetness, the passion, and the tingles and goosebumps radiating along my nerve endings with this ending. Don’t miss this series! Loved it! Highly recommended!55

Domination series

Emotional, Suspenseful, Steamy Must Read5 star

Where do I even begin? Lisa has ramen Emma and Jax’s story to places only she can. Family lost, family gained. Loss changes people. Love also changes them. Throughout Two Together the lives of Emma and Jax are full of twists, misplaced loyalty, and loss. The bond between them only grows stronger while other parts of their lives are coming under attack. Starting with One Man, Jax and Emma were broken. Two broken souls who fought their way to each other even though the distrust between their families was set in place long before they even met. Two Together, brings their story full circle filled with love, loss, and betrayal. Lisa has also incorporated characters from some of her other series. If you have read books from her Dirty Rich series you may be familiar with Greyson Bennett from Dirty Rich Betrayal and Eric Mitchell from the Filthy Trilogy. Savage from Walker Security also plays an important role in the Naked Trilogy. His story starts with Savage Hunger releasing December 17, 2019. I loved this series. Two Together was gripping, suspenseful and full of steamy chemistry between Emma and Jax. Their bond was tested but proved to be stronger than the outside forces that could have shattered them. I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and are not influenced by the author.55


Two together equals love!4 star

I love these two together - Jax and Emma! They found each other under extreme circumstances, and I felt emotion they felt. They had to fight for their happy ending through family drama and mystery, but I was rooting for them the whole time. Jax was a protective, demanding man that was not afraid to be vulnerable and feel which made me swoon. Emma was his light in the dark, and I loved that. Emma was smart and determined which I admired. For the first time in her life, Jax made her feel not alone which was beautiful. This was a twisty, intense conclusion to Jax and Emma’s story that I highly recommend. I received a copy of this ebook from the author for my honest review.45

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