Walt Disney World Secrets Gold!

Walt Disney World Secrets Gold! Summary

Walt Disney World Resort is a land filled with magic, wonder…and secrets!  

Each day, thousands and thousands of guests journey throughout the parks, enjoying the fantasy that is Walt Disney World without ever realizing they’re walking past, over and sometimes through a magical secret they’d be thrilled to discover…if only they knew it existed. 

This exciting new Notescast reveals these secrets as it takes readers on a magical journey throughout all four parks.  Designed to be enjoyed in the parks themselves, it explores over 200 secrets in all, complete with nearly 140 colorful photos, all arranged as a guided tour giving guests an exciting new way to see and experience the “world.”

Along the way, guests will learn…

• How and why the Magic Kingdom “opens” like a movie • Why there’s an ice cream store on Main Street, U.S.A. • Where to find a “living” tombstone at the Haunted Mansion • An ominous warning at the entrance to the Haunted Mansion which 99.9% of guests miss • How to ride Segways at Epcot…before the park opens • Where to find a walking plant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom • Where to find a hidden key at Disney’s Hollywood Studios • Trash cans and benches…that talk! • The amazing and fun world of Hidden Mickeys • A secret side entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom • Why there’s a net full of Jell-O at Disney’s Hollywood Studios • And a whole lot more.  Over 200 fun secrets revealed! Download your copy and experience the secrets of Walt Disney World Resort!

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