What to Expect the Second Year

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The complete why, when, and how-to guide for parenting a one-year-old.When will my 13-month-old start to walk?Shouldn’t my 14-month-old be talking already?How can I  get my picky eater to pick something besides pasta?Sure, I can ignore a tantrum at home—but what am I supposed to do in the middle of the mall?Why does my toddler have such a hard time sharing? Taking turns? Playing nicely?When should we break the bottle habit . . . and what about the pacifier?How do I get my  almost-two-year-old to settle down for bed—and stay asleep all night?Just in time for those first steps, here’s the next step in What to Expect. Picking up the action at baby’s first birthday, What to Expect the Second Yearis the complete guide to the “wonder year”—twelve jam-packed months of amazing milestones, lightning-speed learning, and endless discoveries. Filled with must-have information on everything from feeding (tips to tempt picky palates) to sleep (how to get more of it), talking (decoding those first words) to behavior (defusing those first tantrums). Plus, how to keep your busy one-year-old safe and healthy.

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Like everyone else I got the wrong book when I downloaded. I contacted iTunes support by eMail, and it took 4 eMails before they even read my original eMail (they gave me canned responses about how to troubleshoot downloads and reinstall my iPad and computer). Finally they admitted their error and gave me a refund. I even called the publisher to tell them they had the wrong book on sale. Since then I have received at least 3 eMails a day from a support agent named "sugar" asking if my problem has been resolved. After replying to eMail after eMail with "You gave me the refund, but you continue to have the wrong book on sale, so no you haven't resolved the issue," I finally gave up and send one last eMail saying "You apparently will never resolve my issue with this sale, so please never eMail me again about this issue." Let's see if that finally stops the SPAM.15


Wrong book!!!!!!!1 star

I can't get report a problem link in receipt to work either! Busy mom w/no time to call support, very maddening!15


Wrong book1 star

Wrong book. Hopefully iTunes gives our money back15


Wrong book1 star

This downloaded a children's book instead. :(15

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