The Haunting of Alexas Hotel

The Haunting of Alexas Hotel Summary

Her eyes bulge out. Her mouth is open in a silent scream. The filming begins. 

Sara Caine wants nothing more to do with murder and ghosts. Catching the bad guys is for people like former LAPD Detective Eva Murphy. But when Johan Luken shows up at the film set she’s working on with a snuff film in hand, he plunges her back into danger and then promptly disappears.

Aided by Eva Murphy, Sara uncovers a series of missing actresses stretching back decades, their bodies never found. As they unravel the mystery of the film, Sara finds these disappearances are connected to her parents’ murder years before.
As she struggles to keep her sanity, a killer more powerful than any they’ve encountered gets ready for a final showdown.

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The Haunting of Eva Murphy


The Haunting of Eva Murphy
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