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By combining classic insights and stories from Zen tradition, Zen Golf helps eliminate the mental distractions that routinely cause poor shots and loss of concentration, allowing golfers to feel in “the zone” that professionals have learned to master.

“The lessons in Zen Golf make the mental game seem so simple. Dr. Parent has given me very effective methods for working with thoughts and emotions, and for taking the negatives out of the picture.” —Vijay Singh, Masters and PGA Champion

The best players know that golf is a game of confidence, and most important, concentration–the ability to focus and block out distraction. The goal of achieving clear thought is also at the heart of Buddhist teachings. In his highly original and groundbreaking book, noted PGA coach and Buddhist instructor, Dr. Joseph Parent, draws on this natural connection and teaches golfers how to clear their minds, achieve ultimate focus, and play in the moment for each shot.

Zen Golf presents a simple system for building “mental game mastery.” Dr Parent’s unique PAR Approach (focusing on Preparation, Action, and Response to Results) guides golfers with specific techniques for each aspect of their games. In chapters such as “How to Get From the Practice Tee to the First Tee”, “You Produce What You Fear”, and “How to Enjoy a Bad Round of Golf”, the author shares a personal teaching regimen that has helped improve the games of professionals and amateurs alike. 

Clear, concise, and enlightening, Zen Golf shows golfers how to prepare for, execute, and equally important, respond the results of any golf shot. A different approach to golf instruction, this book shapes ancient philosophies into new teachings.

Book Reviews

JD Parker Family

Insightful5 star

Countless amount of help to the part of the game I haven't worked hard enough at55


Surprised5 star

Maybe it's all in my head, but this book/audiobook has worked for me in under a week. I'm about a 12 handicap and noticed huge differences in focus with a few different techniques that are talked about throughout the book. I've played 4 rounds since I've listened, and I just implemented little things each time and practiced them over and over. And a good compliment to this audio is 'Golf: The Art of The Mental Game'. It's pretty much the same book, but broken down into much smaller, easier to digest segments. But, I wouldn't buy that one without listening to this book fully, then use the other as a guide. I will come back to this full length a lot, though.55


Love it5 star

Immediately helped my golf game55


Great Golf Book5 star

Really made me look at golf in a different, more positive way. I really think it will help me enjoy myself on and off the course more often.55


Best book on golf...5 star

This is by far the best book on golf I have ever read. So much can be said about technique, the grip, the swing etc... All of that is certainly important but the mental side is just as important if not more so. We often forget that golf is but a game but sometimes it seems like its a matter of life or death. This book goes a long way to help bring the GAME into proper perspective. It is written well which helped me to understand that a lot of what was going wrong was in the way I approached the game. Many, many great ideas to help over come the problems I created for myself. I have to say that it has transcended the game and bubbled over into my day to day life as well; a twofer if you will. If you want to improve your game, this is a must read.55


Great book!5 star

This book did not turn me into a PGA professional, but I was able to use the principals in the book to learn to relax and enjoy the rounds I play. My scores have improved, but more importantly, I enjoy the game much more. I have really come close to eliminating the fear of "embarrassing" myself before taking a shot. I am able to look at each shot as it will be whatever it will be and accept the fact that I may need to scramble on the next shot. The funny part of that is because I am more relaxed, I really do not experience the catastrophic shots I used to. I still hit bad shots but I am able to learn from them. The book also helped me become more aware of when I tensing up and how to back away and relax before a shot. I am much better about thinking about where I want the shot to go, rather than where I don't want it to go. Lastly, I have applied some of the basic principals to my everyday life as well. This has made it easier to "scramble" when making decisions in my life. It is a good book and I recommend it as a good read.55

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