Catbug: If I Had Some Hoverpants

Catbug: If I Had Some Hoverpants Summary

What would happen if Catbug had some hoverpants? Everything would get SO CRAZY! Eat spacemallows, wear hats on your feet, and learn how to play dodgeball the right way. Find out what over 4 million people who watched the Catbug episode of Bravest Warriors are talking about. Bravest Warriors' writer, Jason Johnson, wrote all new lines, while illustrator Alyssa Smith drew Catbug in a bold new style. Catbug is voiced by beloved Bravest Warriors' voice actor, Sam Lavagnino. Everyone loves Catbug!

Each of the 10 original books in the series feature hilarious one liners that you can’t stop quoting. Collect them all!

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This book..3 star

Was very cute but very very short... I honest don't think it was worth the $2.99 I spent... I love catbug and so does my brother but this book was very short.35


The best5 star


Sam Ellis

Another fun read with my kids!5 star

Another fun read with my kids! We like the fresh new art and original story, they blend together to make a fun world fueling our imagination and playtime. We can't wait for the next book! We can tell that Frederator loves us.55

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