A Patient's Guide to Unnecessary Knee Surgery

A Patient's Guide to Unnecessary Knee Surgery Summary

Every year millions of Americas are told by an orthopedic surgeon that the only way to successfully get rid of their knee pain is to undergo some form of knee surgery. But so many of these procedures could have been avoided if the patient was fully informed regarding all the intricacies of his or her condition.

In A Patient’s Guide to Unnecessary Knee Surgery, respected orthopedic surgeon Ronald P. Grelsamer intricately and accessibly conveys all the information regarding the knee and surrounding areas that any person suffering from knee pain would ever need to know in order to make an informed decision about treatment for his or her condition. Within this guide, you’ll find chapters on pertinent topics such as:

• Reasons behind some of the leading causes of knee pain
• Tips on how to understand the results of an MRI
• Exercises to boost your knee health
• Advice on how to find the best doctor for your needs
• And ten other areas of knee-related health

So if you’re suffering from knee pain, make sure to you grab A Patient’s Guide to Unnecessary Knee Surgery before you decide to undergo surgery.

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