I Don't Want to Be Here: Depression Apathy & Suicide Solutions

I Don't Want to Be Here: Depression Apathy & Suicide Solutions Summary

A must read for anyone suffering from depression, apathy and has thoughts of suicide. This unique and compassionate book will help you to gain a greater understanding of who you truly are. Learn how to gently lift yourself out of the darkness and into a life full of energy, happiness and personal satisfaction. For those individuals thinking about suicide, learn about the unique role of "Walk-In's". Discover the many opportunities on offer to you, to dramatically reduce the emotional and mental pain that your actions have on your family and friends. Sensitive and understanding. A Divine Publishing Australia Book A Beacon of Light Book

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Space-age nonsense.1 star

Who writes this crap? I'm more depressed now, than before I read it. I mean come on...really?15

Ariel Christiansen

Alright1 star

It's a beautiful book, but come on guys. You can't group people into categories that easily. It sounds like it was written by an eccentric grandmother. It just made me even more frustrated about the fact that I'm suicidal. This book didn't get me at all. It needs to say in the description that it's all about weird space fairy tale nonsense. It's almost comparable to Scientology. Describe your book better.15

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