The DASH Diet for Every Day: 4 Weeks of DASH Diet Recipes & Meal Plans to Lose Weight & Improve Health

The DASH Diet for Every Day: 4 Weeks of DASH Diet Recipes & Meal Plans to Lose Weight & Improve Health Summary


There’s a reason why the DASH Diet is ranked “Best Overall Diet” by U.S. News & World Report year after year. It works. 

Developed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to prevent and reverse high blood pressure, and approved by the Mayo Clinic and American Heart Association, the DASH Diet is a sensible low-sodium diet emphasizing fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The DASH Diet for Every Day will show you how to incorporate the DASH Diet your daily routine to help you get healthy and lose weight. With dozens of simple recipes, and an easy-to-follow meal plan, The DASH Diet for Every Day will guide you through the first month of the DASH Diet so you can see amazing results right away.

The DASH Diet for Every Day will help you lower your risk for heart disease and lose weight, with:

• More than 60 easy and delicious DASH Diet recipes, including favorites like Blueberry and Oat Pancakes, Chicken Quesadillas, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Comforting Mac and Cheese, and Death by Chocolate Cupcakes
• 4-week DASH Diet meal plan to successfully guide you through the first month of the DASH diet 
• DASH Diet cooking techniques, shopping lists, and planning tips that will save you time, money, and stress
• A detailed DASH Diet food list and 30 DASH-approved snacks

The DASH Diet for Every Dayis your step-by-step guide to making sustainable changes for permanent better health.

Book Reviews


Great book....just wish I could still open it :(4 star

I used this book for recipes constantly. I would give it five stars. Unfortunately, since updating my iPad iOS to the newest update a few months ago, the book just quickly opens to the cover and then immediately closes and crashes iBooks entirely. It never opens anymore. I have another cookbook by the same publisher/developer that is doing the same thing. Theirs are the only ones out of ver fifty books in iBooks. So somehow book developers can you please fix with a book file update so I can get my favorite recipe book back!45


Easy read!4 star

Move over fad diets - here's practical eating. Dash diet outlines basic guidelines with tips on eating out and healthy snacks to consider. Budget recipes and health points are all presented in an easy-to-read format. I was given this book in exchange for a fair review.45


DASH things up!4 star

A new meal-planner from our friends at DASH, this time with a special emphasis on sodium intake and its effects on health. To be used as a supplement to previous DASH installments, or as a great introduction. Once again, what makes DASH stand out is its no-nonsense approach to eating right and healthy living.45


Dashing Recipies3 star

Recipes to help lower blood pressure and lose weight? Sounds like a good deal. While I am not trying to lose weight or moderate my sodium consumption, I do enjoy trying new recipes and the righteous pumpkin pie, was impressive. Overall, if you wish to restrain your salt intake and lose weight, this book might prove beneficial.35


Nothing new3 star

This book did not give me any new information on healthy eating. Main points of the book are: plan your meal ahead, do your shopping ahead, count what you are eating and be patient. The purpose of The Dash Diet is to lower cholesterol, so it's not your regular " diet to lose weight" book, even though it does help you to lose weight. Overall, it's an OK book.35


The DASH Diet for Everyday4 star

The DASH diet focuses on reducing sodium intake. This recipe book gives weekly meal plans, with detailed recipes, and all with a 1500mg or lower sodium intake (according to a 2000-calorie per day consumption). All recipes are made up of 1-4 servings, so this book seems to be catered more towards a small family as the audience. Whether or not you have prehypertension, recipes from The DASH Diet for Everyday supply a fair handful of delicious meals and snacks. I was given this recipe book for free, in exchange for a review.45


A Comprehensive Intro to the DASH Diet4 star

This book is a good introduction to the DASH Diet and contains many interesting recipes. While this dietary plan is not a new concept it has proven to be effective in lowering high blood pressure. One statement in the book seems to sum up the approach though, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Planning is essential in order to follow this diet but some of the recipes make this chore worthwhile.45

Valy Radu

Excellent book!5 star

Excellent book! I recommend this amazing book to anyone who wants to lose weight and improve health. The Dash diet presented is an incredible tool for people with blood pressure and other medical conditions. The Dash diet is an easy to follow diet, it contains savory recipes, and is very flexible and affordable. The four week meal plan is very important and is designed to help you make healthy choices. Great book!55

Don Lytton

Aging = new ways of cooking5 star

As I turn 60 in a few months, I’ve been concerned about heart health; cholesterol; triglycerides, and so on. This book arrived just in time for me and my wife to get rid of some of our bad food habits, drop some pounds and enjoy a new and healthier way of eating. Since we’re still working, we appreciate the shopping lists to go with the first few weeks on this new diet. Some of it is going to be an adjustment, but hopefully we will see good results … maybe even in the promised 14 days!55

Casy Phillips

Great book5 star

This IMO is a lifestyle book, not just a diet cookbook. Tho it does contain a lot of good dishes like the honey walnut fruit salad, chicken lettuce wraps with pico de gallo and the strawberry banana frozen yogurt it also contains even more information like dozens of studies, foods to avoid, tips like plan ahead before you go shopping, and a 4 week plan to get you started and in the grove of the diet. The thing I like most is, it has a small but plentiful amount of adjustable windows so you can customise your diet. Give it a chance. This book might be what you need or want.55

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