The Quick & Easy Paleo Cookbook: 77 Paleo Diet Recipes Made in Minutes

The Quick & Easy Paleo Cookbook: 77 Paleo Diet Recipes Made in Minutes Summary

Easily add fresh Paleo meals into your daily life with The Quick & Easy Paleo Cookbook.

The Paleo Diet is based on the natural diet of our ancestors. Made up of high-protein, low-carb, and unprocessed foods, the Paleo Diet does not have to be intimidating or expensive. The Quick & Easy Paleo Cookbook offers simple ways to incorporate Paleo-friendly meals into your routine using everyday, affordable ingredients from your local grocery store.

The Quick & Easy Paleo Cookbookwill make it easy to follow the Paleo Diet with fast and uncomplicated recipes perfect for the busy cook. With dozens of easy meals, you will find it simple to avoid processed foods and start incorporating flavorful, high-nutrient foods, such fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats into a balanced and healthy diet. With easy-to-follow tips and directions, you can start following the Paleo Diet today to experience the life-changing benefits of Paleo—from natural weight loss, to the prevention of life-threatening ailments like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The Quick & Easy Paleo Cookbook will give you all the tools you need to create fast Paleo meals with:

• More than 75 go-to Paleo recipes, including Fluffy Almond-Banana Pancakes, protein-packed Cobb Salad, savory Kale Chips, and sweet Berry Cobbler
• Handy meal planning and shopping tips to help you save time on the Paleo Diet
• A breakdown of the dos and don’ts to follow for a successful Paleo Diet
• A comprehensive list of Paleo-approved food substitutes to keep in your pantry
The Quick & Easy Paleo Cookbookwill help you start and stick to a successful Paleo Diet, so you can begin to lose weight and feel more energetic right away.

Book Reviews


Takes The Fear Out Of Paleo5 star

The Paleo Diet seems very confusing and difficult to maintain. This book dispells all of those concerns with a clear list of dos and don'ts and a careful explanation on why going Paleo is a good idea. The recipes are simple and don't require a ton of overpriced ingredients that are hard to find, but sound wonderful, without a feeling of deprivation. This is a great way to break into this popular lifestyle. I received a discount for review purposes. My opinions are my own.55


Good beginners paleo cookbook5 star

I've never tried the paleo diet but have wanted to especially since I have seen more about it. I didn't know exactly what it was but this book does a very good job in explaining not only what the paleo diet is but the health benefits it also has. This cookbook makes it easy to switch to paleo eating though honestly, it doesn't seem like it's hard. It has very easy and delicious recipes! I love that it's divided into 2 parts , one explaining the paleo diet and the other simple everyday recipes. Great beginners cookbook55


Great informative review5 star

This was actually a really good, informative, well written cookbook. I was very interested in learning about being on a paleo a diet but was kind of skeptical that it might be difficult. These book really covered the benefits and difficulties. It also made me feel more confident that this is an affordable option. Lots of great recipes are in here that I cant wait to try. I recommend it! I received this book for review purposes.55


Great Book!5 star

I really enjoyed reading this book because its pretty accurate about the Paleo diet. It breaks down each meal into categories that makes it easier to read. The recipes really are quick and easy and dont take a lot of time or effort to do. If you are a beginner in this diet, this book is a good starting point for you.55


Good Guide to Paleo4 star

This diet seems very similar to other past low carb books I've seen. There is lots of information if you are new to this concept. The recipes are easy and some a little out of the box. Cashew cheese? The quick butternut squash hash and cocktail meatballs sound amazing! The recipes offer quite a bit of variety!45


Great new way to eat, without making big changes5 star

If you suffer from food allergies, digestive problems or chronic illness, or are afraid of Diabetes, then the Paleo Diet is totally right for you. The Quick and Easy Paleo Cookbook is broken down into two parts; the first half of the book explains the concept of the Paleo Diet, instructs you on what are good foods and what are foods to stay away from and why.The first part of the book also tells you different ways to store left overs so you can not only lose your weight but also how to save money in the process and make the whole transition easier for yourself and your family. Although this book claims that you will have to “overhaul the way you eat and think about food,” it really is not a big difference in the way that I currently eat now just some minor changes need to be made.So impressive and just what I was looking for. The second half offers 77, semi-simple recipes to plan your meals for days to come. I have tried only 3 of the recipe's so far and they are easy. You might have to go buy some other alternative oil's to cook in but I recently bought some coconut oil and it works perfect for what I need. My favorite recipe's so far are the smoothies. I have received this book at a discounted rate for my honest unbiased review.55

Ravens Review

Lots of great ideas4 star

I have heard about the Paleo diet before and was interested in changing my eating habits and I wanted to know if would fit with my lifestyle.It was very insightful and helped me with my decision. There are alot of great recipes in here for food I didn't even realize was on the paleo diet.45


best paleo “fiction” yet.5 star

I was so happy when i got this edition of paleo "fiction";) its an indispensable recipe book for everyday use. I like to highlight the recipes i want to try, and this time almost all pages are bright orange. Looking forward to making a cauliflower crust pizza with cashew cheese - its perfect for me as a vegan. Finally, a recipe book that did not overwhelm me with hard-to-find ingredients and a plethora of recipes, i like how its very basic and simple. Was pleasantly surprised to find all the great snacks. Its so rare for a recipe book to devote a considerable chapter to snack recipes, love it!55


Good introduction to the Paleo lifestyle4 star

This book clearly defines the Paleo diet and how it can benefit you. It does make some claims that you may want to research some more. For example, the book states that certain legumes and grains are bad for you, so I would check into that further. Other than that, this book gives solid advice and will certainly teach you a few things.45


Good guidebook for pretty extreme process4 star

The Quick & Easy Paleo Cookbook is a great companion for the pretty extreme process of eliminating refined sugars, many fats and dairies AS WELL as cutting out beans, legumes and whole grains, AND figuring out how to incorporate a much greater quantity of protein. The book offers many convenient and imaginative tips on how to practically manage this diet in your non-prehistoric life style. The Enchilada dish that looks so rich that it promises that you won't miss the tortillas-- appealing at least to me.45

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