Sound Medicine

Sound Medicine Summary

We live in a world of sound, frequency and vibration. Even our bodies are vibrational. In fact, the human voice is the most natural, organic and unique vibrational instrument available. As such, the power of the human voice can be harnessed to heal the body. While several books have been written on vibrational healing, vocal practices and toning, SOUND MEDICINE is the first book to focus on specific ways in which the voice can be used by anyone - healers and non-healers alike - as a safe, enjoyable and effective tool to heal not just the body, but the emotions, mind and spirit. Discover the natural vibrations, overtones and harmonics within the human voice and you can develop its innate therapeutic capabilities. In this extraordinary book, you will learn how to use your voice: To enhance health and wellness. For personal empowerment by identifying your own unique vibrationalpattern and signature frequency. To free the body from stress, pain and vibrational toxicity. To consciously create and sustain the magnetic attraction of chemistry andcompatibility in personal relationships. As a subtle energy diagnostic or dowsing tool to measure and evaluatehealthy and non-healthy energies, frequencies, and vibrations.

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