Super Duper Pooper

Super Duper Pooper Summary

This potty book was designed with a Toddler’s unique learning style in mind. Toddlers have a profound fascination with real faces. And long before they even have words, they can understand a smile.

This fun, rhyming potty book helps toddlers to see real faces that express that the potty is safe and non-threatening. It helps to familiarize a toddler with the process in a fun and supportive way that sets them up for success. 

Written by author, public speaker, parenting consultant, pediatric nurse and Moms on Call co-founder Jennifer Walker RN BSN. Moms on Call LLC has been partnering with families from birth to 4 years of age through written resources, on-line tutorials and personal consultations since 2004. We are dedicated to finding positive, practical and effective ways to help parents feel more confident and, at the very least, have to clean up less poop.

Book Reviews


Disappointed, only a rhyme book1 star

I guess I didn't fully understand that this book had zero instructions on how to actually potty train your child. It's only the rhyme for the toddler. I read the intro but still thought it would have tips etc. Lost money in this one.... :(. All other books are fantastic though.15


Toddler giggles5 star

My toddler giggles every time. But he keeps trying to play w my tablet. Definitely needs to be in paperback.55

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