The 28th Gate: Volume 2

The 28th Gate: Volume 2 Summary

From tracking a rogue neuromancer to fending off raiders, Hunter thought things would return to normal after he escaped from Maunhouser’s laboratory ship.
But he was wrong.

When Katherine makes a startling discovery in the data she stole from Maunhouser, Hunter is forced to face troubling news before ultimately learning what Maunhouser bought at Site B. Once again, he must face the corp he despises, risking it all to stop them from making the greatest discovery since the fall of the Gate Age.

Join Hunter and the crew of the Essta now in Volume 2, the exciting conclusion of Season I!

Set in a far distant future, The 28th Gate is a series of tales that will appeal to fans of space marines, space fleets, and military hard science fiction. The series consists of eight volumes spread across four seasons telling the story of Hunter’s struggles against the AAA corporation that created him. Each volume contains six episodic novelettes, each with the action, character, and plotting of a complete story all crammed into an espresso-like package, while each season chronicles a different arc in the overall epic.

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Hunt and Seek5 star

Science fiction requires world building... but here intense detail is effortlessly presented and steps us away from what would be a familiar story. The main character is “Hunter,” who is a bounty hunter, but the threads and echoes of other writers fade away quickly. He knows his guns. I actually dislike guns - so I won’t say I love them now - but WOW!! - what an extraordinary way to frame a story. What I truly value in writing is a style without apology. The author immediately drops you into the characters’ reality and there IS nothing else. When this is done well (and it is) —every action and conversation is something you “catch up” to. Not only do the characters improvise in every new crisis - but we also get to unravel each mystery because the layering of unexpected future is so dense. I also appreciate that our characters do not suffer from doubt. The reader does not hear the endless internal dialogue of a person who cannot assess and make a decision. Rather - we are submerged in split second action/adaptation making leaps beyond survival into the elegance of winning against formidable odds. And thats just the job...55



Wow. It has been a while since I’ve found a clever, accurate, really good author. I tear through some sci-fi, usually looking for free stuff, just so I won’t get mad that I wasted money on an “Eh” book. I stumbled upon a rare gem here! I love the universe this author has built, along with the characters and writing style. Up to this point (apparently subject to change now, as of the end of this book) the story has been a reiteration of past events. I liked it. Sometimes it’s hard for authors to convey a scene in first-person or third-person views according to their writing style. These books have felt consistent and flowed well. Also, VERY few grammatical or punctuation errors. I’m about to go see if I can enter a “retroactive” review for the first book, since I now feel I haven’t been hooked in, then let down. I’m definitely a fan now, and will keep following any books I can find. If I can go back and leave a review for the first book, I hope you feel the same I do, and that I haven’t misled you. But, if you’re also a fan, by this point you’re not bothering with reading the reviews!!55


Great action sci-fi5 star

Now THIS is good sci-fi! No whining, no excuses: MTFU sci-fi.55


The 28th Gate: Volume 25 star

If I could give this book more stars I would. I can’t wait to read the next one. I haven’t been this excited about a series since Harry Potter.55

Loren Petty

An excellent space yarn.5 star

The 28th Gate is a fast paced, cleverly thought out space yarn set far into humanity's future. It would make an excellent television or movie series. I look forward to the next installation.55

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