The 28th Gate: Volume 3

The 28th Gate: Volume 3 Summary

Hunter is back in Season II, with more guns, more ships, and more advanced tech than before!

When Hunter returns from Civilization he says he has a single goal: rescue Katherine from Maunhouser. But how far is he willing to go to save her, and what else is he hiding about his trip through the 28th Gate?

Find out now in The 28th Gate: Volume 3!

Set in a far distant future, The 28th Gate is a series of tales that will appeal to fans of space marines, space fleets, and military hard science fiction. The series consists of eight volumes spread across four seasons telling the story of Hunter’s struggles against the AAA corporation that created him. Each volume contains six episodic novelettes, each with the action, character, and plotting of a complete story all crammed into an espresso-like package, while each season chronicles a different arc in the overall epic.

Book Reviews


The 28th gate: volume 34 star

Author has good sense of characters which help makes this series enjoyable and immersive. Although It could use a final critical edit.45


The 28th Gate volumes 1-35 star

Grand escape into the vastness of space, told in the first person. A fast read with enough excitement to keep any anyone wanting more of Hunter’s adventures.55

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