A Midsummer's Kiss

A Midsummer's Kiss Summary

Sometimes love happens at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected places. Sometimes it quietly sneaks up on you, and sometimes it knocks you over on a London street, just as it happens to Lord Graelem Dayne when Laurel Farthingale's horse runs him over and breaks his leg. Graelem has until Midsummer's Day, a mere thirty days away to find a wife or lose a large inheritance, so when a remorseful Laurel begs his forgiveness and promises to do anything for him, he takes her up on that promise and insists that she marry him.

Laurel Farthingale has no intention of becoming Graelem Dayne's biddable bride and is furious that he's tricked her into a betrothal. She plans to marry another, her long-time friend and childhood infatuation who is now in London to propose to her, for she's a Farthingale and everyone knows that Farthingales only marry for love. But as she comes to know Graelem, she realizes that he may very well be the man she's destined to love. Can he ever love her above his desire to secure his baronial fortune?

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Good Book4 star

I enjoyed your story, very interesting in the way it was told. A good love story.45


Midsummmer night kiss5 star

Worth reading. Highly entertaining and enjoyable. Highly recommend55

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